24/7 Incident Alerting and Response

At any given time, there may be a vast number of customers surfing on your website and your apps. This means that hundreds of thousands ...
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AWS Infrastructure: Vulnerability Scanning

For most companies, security has become a high priority, crucial for anyone running applications on the cloud. This makes performing a wide variety of security ...
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What is Azure App Service?

Setting up a web application presents many challenges: Scaling, Load-Balancing, Patch Management, Configuration Management, Security/Compliance, to name a few.  In order for launched applications to ...
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how does EC2 for Windows work?

When we run Windows VM, it’s important to take care of the server patching, Windows licensing, as well as scaling, that is not possible on ...
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How Machine Learning and natural language processing works

Machine Learning is one of the most exciting technological developments in recent years. At its simplest, ML allows users to build and “train” applications with ...
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AppStream 2.0 – How to Securely Stream your Desktop Applications?

Software application development begins with desktop applications, which can be used on standalone machines only. A Desktop Application is a software program that can be ...
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