Prakhya Gaddipati

Prakhya Gaddipati

How To Implement AWS Copilot

How to Implement AWS Copilot

As we wrote about in our previous blog, packaging services with their dependencies not only speeds up your CI/CD pipeline, but also cuts costs and ...
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How AWS Copilot makes containerized services even easier

Containerized services combine the power of a fully optimized, well-architected data infrastructure with the flexibility to fix and update individual services. By packaging each service ...
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How Amazon Comprehend uses machine learning to communicate with users

As artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies grow more and more advanced, businesses have more and more tools at their disposal to analyze large amounts ...
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How Can Amazon MQ Transform The Way Your Programs Communicate?

Businesses operating in the contemporary digital marketplace often manage large amounts of data every day, and manage a large network infrastructure to process it. This ...
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Why Amazon Pinpoint is the Future of Digital Marketing?

Keeping in constant contact with customers is crucial in the digital world of business. Amazon Pinpoint helps businesses do exactly that, through email, SMS and ...
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Docker Image Scanning with Clair

Your network is continually growing in complexity. And while that means you have more resources for “doing,” you also have more to protect. As you ...
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