About Flare®

Flare® is a personal safety communication jewelry provider that offers discreet smart bracelets and a mobile application for personal safety. Their products empower wearers with features like emergency alerts, location sharing, and 24/7 on-call support.

The Challenge

When Flare reached out to Ibexlabs, they sought a reliable partner to assess their AWS infrastructure, implement best practices, and make improvements. The main goal was to leverage the AWS Well-Architected Framework to improve cost optimization, operational efficiency, and the overall performance of Flare’s existing system.
After assessing a few solution providers in the industry, Ibexlabs was a clear choice for Flare. Ibexlabs’ vast experience, specialized knowledge, and proactive approach helped Flare maximize the advantages of AWS cloud services while ensuring optimal performance and workloads. Let’s look at how.

The Process

Phase One: Infrastructure Assessment

This phase involved a thorough assessment of Flare’s infrastructure, existing workload, and deployment practices to make their cloud infrastructure more secure, compliant, and cost-efficient.

Phase Two: Remediation

In this stage, we focussed on optimizing resource configurations, enhancing security measures, and implementing cost-saving strategies.

The Solution

Enhanced System Resilience

Establishing backups for services like Amazon RDS and Amazon EC2, encryption, and enforcing the principle of least privilege resulted in better data protection, risk mitigation, and overall system resilience.

Optimized Resource Utilization

Flare is able to optimize resource utilization and efficiently control expenses while maintaining peak performance and reliability. This has led to resources being more efficiently used for product innovation and growth on the AWS cloud.


With Ibexlabs’ expertise, Flare achieved a high-performing and cost-optimized AWS environment that aligned seamlessly with industry best practices. Today, Flare has a truly well-architected AWS environment that positions them for long-term cloud success.

Moreover, Ibexlabs brings its customer-obsessed attitude and holds frequent check-ins with the Flare team to ensure strong communication. We continue to support the company’s long-term security posture, enabling them to focus on strategic initiatives and growth.

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