BroadPeak Partners

Discover how Ibexlabs reviewed, assessed, and optimized Broadpeak Partner's AWS setup to significantly reduce operational overheads.


The Challenge:

BroadPeak was already hosted in AWS and leveraging some of the cloud platform’s services such as VPC, EC2, S3, RDS. The company engaged Ibexlabs to conduct a review of the setup and provide end-to-end automation of the platform with future customer growth and compliance in mind.

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Data is one of the most valuable assets in the modern business world. Ensure that your infrastructure is optimized to protect data as well as gain fault tolerance and scalability for future business expansion and customer growth. Furthermore, allow Ibexlabs to realize full compliance, improve cost optimization, and increase performance efficiency as well as security for your AWS environments according to the AWS Well-Architected Framework Best Practices.

"Working with Ibexlabs was a pleasure from start to finish. I would highly recommend Ibexlabs to anyone looking for a knowledgeable and flexible company who will work closely with you to ensure you get the best outcomes from your AWS spend."

Vivek Pathak

BroadPeak Partner COO

As AWS Certified Consulting Partner, you get more than just extensive cloud expertise and first-rate IT support. Our team gives true meaning to the words “brand ambassadors.”

We leverage our comprehensive industry experience on your business' behalf to resolve system pain points, transform your infrastructure, and work in tandem with you.

All for the growth and acceleration of your company.

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