PLS Collaborative

Taking on one of the most critical aspects of healthcare infrasructure, Procedural Learning and Safety Collaborative (PLSC) seeks to transform how physicians are trained. Using smartphones and cloud technology, PLSC prepares doctors for new challenges in an ever-changing medical landscape.

PLS Collaborative


Working with medical data presents many obstacles, ranging from privacy concerns to the need for fast, low-cost solutions for storage, analysis, and transfer. SIMPL, a platform developed by PLSC to compile evaluation data for medical students and faculty, became the main point of focus for Ibexlabs.

The potential for this technology was immediately evident: a transformation of medical learning through cloud-based technologies. With experience in the medical space, Ibexlabs had to account for several potential concerns surrounding HIPAA privacy and government regulations, all while keeping the costs and downtime minimal.


Are you working in the healthcare space? Do you need secure, flexible and fast solutions to storing, retrieving and sharing the data relevant to your business? When it comes to PHI, Ibexlabs has the expertise and proven track record to provide effective solutions with HIPAA compliance.

• Save costs and diminish downtime with scalable AWS infrastructure
• Keep protected information safe with rigorous security features
• Utilize fast cloud-based servers to access and transmit data quickly
• Assure regulatory compliance, including HIPAA
• Flexible AWS infrastructure allows for scalability and flexibility for new features
• Share data securely to foster effective collaboration
• Keep your peace of mind, while cutting down on space, cost and downtime

“Ibexlabs has built world-class infrastructure for us utilizing advanced AWS capabilities.”

Brian George, MD MAED

PLSC Executive Director and Member

As AWS Certified Consulting Partner, you get more than just extensive cloud expertise and first-rate IT support. Our team gives true meaning to the words “brand ambassadors.”

We leverage our comprehensive industry experience on your business' behalf to resolve system pain points, transform your infrastructure, and work in tandem with you.

All for the growth and acceleration of your company.

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