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Top 10 Cloud Security Best Practices

Cloud security includes processes, controls, policies, and technologies that secure the cloud computing environment against cyber threats. Let’s look at...
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SOC 2 – What you need to know

Summary: Every organization is concerned about information and data security. This includes those who outsource key activities to third parties...
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Infrastructure as Code –
What it is and How to use it

Summary : In the previous blogs in this series, I have discussed the significance of building a well-architected cloud environment,...
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Achieve Security and Compliance with AWS Managed Security Services

Summary (TL: DR): Maintaining the security of your cloud environment is a 24/7 job that requires complete knowledge of how...
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Automated Security Centralization with AWS Control Tower

Summary: In Part 1, I explained how organizations can use the AWS Well-Architected Management & Governance Lens to build an...
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How to Build a Well-Architected AWS Cloud Environment

Summary: Support your business applications and workloads with a well-architected cloud environment. Using the Management and Governance Lens, the AWS...
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