November 17, 2022

Webinar - Simplify & Secure Data Sharing with AWS Transfer Family

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AWS Transfer Family is a fully-managed, low-code service from AWS that uses protocols such as SFTP, FTP, FTPS, and AS2 to move large data sets into or out of Amazon S3 or Amazon EFS securely.

Ingesting, processing and sharing data is a requirement for many businesses. And how the file transfer workflow is architected matters - it can mean the difference between a secure and scalable process or a process that disrupts flow and leads to data leaks. With the proliferation of data sources, there are challenges that come with exchanging data and maintaining data governance, compliance and security.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

AWS Transfer Family capabilities and the technical aspects that differentiate it as a solution.

- Considerations for implementing and automating AWS Transfer Family.

- Why malware scanning is critical and how to fit it into the data sharing workflow to ensure files are safe for use.

This session is ideal for companies exploring AWS Transfer Family or who are already using this service but are looking to enhance data security, such as:

- Industries dealing with regulated data (e.g., PCI, PII, or HIPPA)

- Businesses with data lakes that are fed by application and IoT devices

- Organizations looking to Increase collaboration and connectivity across supply chain trading partners

Cloud Storage Security is an AWS Partner with AWS Security Competency helping organizations across the globe prevent the spread of malware and locate sensitive data in order to extend data privacy, meet compliance requirements, and manage security mandates.

Ibexlabs is an AWS Transfer Family Partner with proven success in providing the expertise and validated solutions that allow customers to operate within a modernized, cloud-native Managed File Transfer and B2B file exchange solution.

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