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Ibexlabs Partners with the Leading Brands to Deliver Innovations

Our service portfolio is enhanced with cutting-edge technologies

Over the years we have delivered innovative solutions while creating lasting relationships with our customers. In doing so we have earned a trustworthy position in the industry. Our partnership with some of the well-known names in the cloud business adds value to our solutions and improves our standing as a premier service provider. Our goal—as always—is to deliver excellence that results in improved revenue opportunities for our customers.

Our Partners

Ibexlabs Partner - Datadog

Datadog is an application used to enhance the observability of your data. Running an application at scale can be complex, especially when you simultaneously manage thousands of hosts and containers. The complexity increases when you have multiple infrastructure platforms. Ibexlabs leverages Datadog to include powerful data insights and 24/7 monitoring that gives clarity to our solutions. Datadog comes with a comprehensive dashboard that highlights alert events and displays important metrics, all in one place.

Ibexlabs Partner - Fortinet

Fortinet is among the top five public cybersecurity companies in the world. It is a trusted name in network security, networking and communications, and firewalls. Fortinet helps Ibexlabs to create solutions that support unbreachable security with the use of their Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and Next Generation Firewall.

Ibexlabs Partner - New Relic

Ibexlabs has partnered with New Relic to provide better observability to its customers for a variety of infrastructure components. These include web application performance, browser, network, server application, databases, and servers. Users have a unified, comprehensive view of their applications as New Relic collects and presents alerts and performance metrics for all applications.

Delivery Solutions - Amazon ECS and Microservices

Microservices Mastery: Empowering Retail Transformation with Amazon ECS

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