Financial Sector

Move to the Cloud with Confidence

The goal of the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance) and Fintech industries is to revolutionize their processes by placing customers at the heart of their present and future strategies. Startups and early growth BFSI and Fintech companies are eager to shake up the industry. However, with entrepreneurial talent and enthusiasm comes operational hurdles.

How can Ibexlabs Help You?

We understand that scalability, security, technology resilience are some essential attributes for migrating to the cloud. We combine this understanding with technical savvy to create a precise, strategic blueprint for each client. This includes choices related to methodology, applications, and timing; what falls under the cloud transformation umbrella, and what does not.

The Right Cloud Application Model

Ensure cost efficiency, scalability, performance, and speed to deployment with the right mix of public and private cloud tools and services.

Cloud Implementation

An expert-driven cloud strategy that covers workloads, resource allocation, and service deployment.

Regulatory requirements analysis and data confidentiality

Safeguard your data, applications, and infrastructure, and make your cloud environment audit ready with a comprehensive range of managed security services.

Why Ibexlabs

Audit Ready Cloud Environment

Regulations such as PCI DSS, and SOC 2 have many stringent requirements which can become complicated for small and mid-sized businesses. We work with external auditors to make your cloud environment audit ready from day one.


Security must be baked into the DevOps process and—importantly—must be a shared responsibility. We take responsibility for securing your cloud environment and review your status and plans on a regular basis.

AWS Well-Architected Framework Review

Achieve compliance and establish trust with a Well-Architected Framework Review. Identify how and where you can make efficiency upgrades and transform your current infrastructure to a well-architected one with a detailed roadmap.

Grow with AWS Control Tower

Ensure manageable growth in a multi-account environment with AWS Control Tower. Configure and govern a new AWS environment, automate policy management, and incorporate multiple levels of security such as IAM and resource provisioning with Ibexlabs, an AWS Control Tower Partner.

How you Benefit

Higher Technology Resilience

A well-architected cloud creates a highly resilient environment where development, configuration, and change management can be done in a more controlled way.

Enhanced IT Security

We provide a comprehensive strategy to monitor and manage your security posture, by incorporating security best practices with advanced AWS tools.

Increased Agility

A shorter development cycle and customized cloud solutions from Ibexlabs means faster response to your customer’s needs.




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