OppSync SPIM accelerates Co-sell with AWS

OppSync SPIM accelerates Co-sell with AWS

For AWS partners who provide software solutions (ISVs), co-selling with AWS can be an effective way to optimize customer acquisition and drive new business. But co-selling can be a highly manual process that makes it hard to capture the full value expected from a co-sell partnership. With OppSync Sales Pipeline and Integration Management (SPIM), ISVs can process more customer engagements with AWS Sales through proactive co-selling.

OppSync SPIM is an automated SaaS solution for bi-directional, no-code AWS ACE integration and observability[c1] . Finally, the hassle of fixing and maintaining integration with AWS ACE is eliminated so that you can focus on co-selling and growing your partner relationship with AWS. A convenient dashboard to track your growing opportunities is included. With OppSync SPIM your new, unmanned integration can be fully operational in weeks, not months.

Key Features

Automated Bi-directional Data Sync

Auto sync data between your CRM and ACE. Receive error notifications along with remediation information.

Detailed Sync Reporting

View and download the detailed sync report and prioritize your tasks relative to the quality of leads.

Alerts and Notification

Never miss out on any sales opportunity with intuitive alerts.

Dedicated Coach for Hands-on Guidance

OppSync SPIM integration into your workflow is easy with a dedicated solution expert assigned from day one.

Third-Party Integration

Third-party tools such as Slack and Email can be easily incorporated using OppSync SPIM.

Special offer! All AWS Activate members receive 50% off on an OppSync Starter and Growth Plan for 12 months.

OppSync is a Sales Pipeline and Integration Management solution that provides seamless, bi-directional auto syncing of data between your CRM and the AWS ACE Pipeline Manager.

With OppSync, AWS partners who provide software solutions (ISVs) can co-sell faster with AWS, manage sales pipeline data efficiently, and drive new business.

Special packages for OppSync are available for all AWS Activate members.

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