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AWS Service Catalog: Best Practices From Design To Implementation

AWS Service Catalog allows organizations to create and manage catalogs of IT services that are approved for use on AWS. These IT services can include everything from virtual machine images, servers, software, and databases to complete multi-tier application architectures.

AWS Service Catalog allows you to centrally manage commonly deployed IT services, and helps you achieve consistent governance and meet your compliance requirements, while enabling users to quickly deploy only the approved IT services they need.



A World of Benefits with AWS Service Catalog

Ibexlabs has years of experience in the AWS ecosystem, which allows our team to optimize the bevy of features that come with AWS Service Catalog. These include:

  • Ensure compliance with corporate standards

    AWS Service Catalog provides a single location where organizations can centrally manage catalogs of IT services. With AWS Service Catalog you can control which IT services and versions are available, the configuration of the available services, and permission access by individual, group, department, or cost center.

  • Centrally manage IT service lifecycle

    AWS Service Catalog enables you to add new versions of IT services as necessary, and end users are notified so they can easily keep abreast of the latest updates. With AWS Service Catalog you can control the use of IT services by specifying constraints, such as the AWS region in which a product can be launched or allowed IP ranges.

  • Help employees quickly find and deploy approved IT services

    With AWS Service Catalog, you define your own catalog of AWS services and AWS Marketplace software, and make them available for your organization. Then, end users can quickly discover and deploy IT services using a self-service portal.

  •  Connect with ITSM/ITOM software

    IT Service Management (ITSM) tools, such as ServiceNow and Jira Service Desk, can connect with AWS Service Catalog, AWS Config, and AWS Systems Manager to make it easier for ITSM platform users to request, provision, and manage AWS and third-party services and resources. The AWS Service Management Connector helps ITSM administrators improve governance over provisioned AWS and third-party products.


How Ibexlabs And AWS Service Catalog Can Help You

Ibexlabs work with you to identify and define the most frequently used service requests. We code these most common IT solutions and usher these IT services through your internal approval process. You’ll gain push button deployments that remove bottlenecks and meet specifications, every time.

  • Design

    We conduct an assessment to understand business requirements, learn more about the organization’s most frequent IT service requests, and how they fit into the overarching business and technology landscape and create a roadmap for customers to meet business requirements.

  • Build

    Post assessment, We implement the AWS Service Catalog design, build and approval plans ensuring security, compliance and other best practice considerations are built into each Service Catalog item.

  • Empower

    Finally, our goal is to empower customers with the knowledge and technology to be able to manage and extend the solution on their own. We’ll conclude with complete knowledge transfer where your team undergoes training on the newly built AWS Service Catalog platform giving them what’s necessary to succeed in their business goals.

AWS Advanced Consulting Partner - AWS Service Catalog

Our team will also extend this to ensure your security levels are compliant with global laws such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation and the United States’ Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

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