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What Can Ibexlabs Do For Public Sector?

The data demands of the public sector are immense, and require a secure, resilient, fast and cost-effective infrastructure to handle them. Non-profits, along with federal, state and local government departments, serve a crucial role in the lives of millions of people. At Ibexlabs, we take pride in the strong relationships we’ve made with every client. Built to the highest standard of security possible, yet still flexible and efficient, our infrastructures consistently meet the challenges of a modern data landscape. As experts in the cutting-edge, we are precisely situated to help organizations in the public sector to adopt new ways of



What can we do for you

  • Security and Compliance
    • We’ve worked with many organizations to protect sensitive data, ranging from credit card information to patient records. 
    • Achieve compliance with the highest regulatory standards, including HIPAA, GDPR, PCI, CIS and more.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions
    • Flexibly increase the server power that your organization needs when you need it and reduce it when you don’t. 
    • Automated security and optimization drastically decreases IT management costs. 
  • Scalability and Efficiency
    • By eliminating the need for on-premise servers, easily add additional infrastructure as your organization continues to grow. 
    • Multiple availability zones and automated load balancing reduces downtime and enhances user experience. 
  • Analytics Dashboard
    • Take a birds-eye view of your data infrastructure, and see exactly how your users interact with your organization. 
    • Gain valuable insights to make better marketing and logistics decisions

Read more about how we helped non-profit PLSC Collaborative incorporate cloud technology to train the next generation of doctors here

AWS Advanced Consulting Partner - Public Sector Partner

As AWS Certified Consulting Partners, you get more than just extensive cloud expertise and first-rate IT support. Our team gives true meaning to the words “brand ambassadors.”

We leverage our comprehensive industry experience on your business' behalf to resolve system pain points, transform your infrastructure, and work in tandem with you.

All for the growth and acceleration of your company.

Phone: (888) 723-5797

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