Become Cloud Marketplace-Ready and Enhance Co-sell with the Labra cComemrce Platform

Revolutionize your cloud marketplace and co-sell dynamics with the Labra cCommerce Platform.

By ensuring a seamless synchronization across all stages of the commerce journey, every stakeholder, from ISVs to partners to buyers, enjoys a streamlined experience. Gone are the days of fragmented communication and disjointed marketplace strategies. Instead, embrace a world where every facet of your cloud commerce journey is harmonized, optimizing marketplace and co-sell opportunities and ensuring every party stays connected and informed. Dive into this new era of interconnected commerce, where Labra leads the charge in transforming how businesses succeed in the cloud.

Achieve full Cloud Commerce control directly within your CRM:

  • Unified Vision: Experience unparalleled coherence by eliminating the chaos of juggling multiple platforms.
  • Effortless Synchronization: Stay effortlessly up-to-date with Cloud to CRM data synchronization, ensuring stakeholders are aligned and informed.
  • Centralized Control: Dictate your cloud commerce journey from a singular touchpoint, driving powerful insights and strategic actions without ever leaving your CRM.

Supercharge your business growth with our innovative to Build-Market-Co-sell:

  • Build: Get cloud marketplace-ready with a Well-Architected Framework Review, FTR, Vendor Insights, and SOC 2 Compliance.
  • Market: Everything you need for cloud go-to-market
  • Co-sell: Sell with or without a network of partners

Labra Flyout

Marketplace Management

With Labra FlyOut, ISVs and Consulting Partners effortlessly prepare, list, and craft private offers, all directly from their CRM.

  • Streamlined Listings: Rapidly deploy and manage your cloud marketplace offerings, ensuring they resonate with target audiences and meet marketplace standards.
  • Adaptive MPPOs: Gain flexibility with fast Marketplace Private Offers, allowing personalized solutions to meet specific customer needs.
  • Seamless Integration: Designed to work harmoniously with leading CRMs, FlyOut guarantees a smooth transition, consolidating your cloud commerce efforts with ease.

Request a demo of Labra FlyOut.

Labra OppSync

Co-sell Management

ISVs and Consulting Partners utilize Labra OppSync to bolster their co-sell efforts, streamline partner engagements, and supercharge their Cloud Customer Engagements right from their CRM.

  • Dynamic Co-Sell Collaboration: Automate effective partnership by synchronizing co-sell opportunities directly within your CRM, bridging the gap between cloud providers and your sales team.
  • Unified Sales View: Consolidate and visualize your co-sell efforts, ensuring alignment and focus on high-value targets, all without leaving your primary sales platform.
  • Automated Data Sync: Say goodbye to manual entries and discrepancies; OppSync ensures real-time data accuracy and consistency across all stakeholders in the sales journey.

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Why Ibexlabs

How the Labra Platform works


Prepare your product

Your product needs to be prepared before it will be accepted on the Marketplace. FlyOut helps you with these activities:

  • Foundation Technical Review and Vendor Insights
  • Shrink months of technical effort into weeks
  • Technical metering integration with Marketplace APIs

Go to market

List on the marketplace

Swap complicated listing procedures and forms for one simple form and Labra FlyOut does the rest to get you listed on the Marketplace.

  • Simplified listing process guided by Labra experts
  • Labra take care of the AWS Marketplace backend for you
  • A metering UI shows what your Buyers have subscribed to


Effortless Cloud Commerce Management

Create and approve private offers for your customers and other partners from inside your CRM.

  • Manage Private Offers from your CRM
  • Seller and Buyer notifications over email
  • A simplified, customizable Labra-hosted user registration page

Special offer! All AWS Activate members receive 50% off on an OppSync Starter and Growth Plan for 12 months.

OppSync is a Sales Pipeline and Integration Management solution that provides seamless, bi-directional auto syncing of data between your CRM and the AWS ACE Pipeline Manager. With OppSync, AWS partners who provide software solutions (ISVs) can co-sell faster with AWS, manage sales pipeline data efficiently, and drive new business.

Special packages for OppSync are available for all AWS Activate members. 

How You Benefit

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