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Ibexlabs Talent Academy

A Program Designed for the Future Leaders in Cloud Computing

Ibexlabs Talent Academy is an intensive training program with a well-designed curriculum to prepare (motivated individuals) and sharpen new talent for a rewarding career in cloud technology.

The training consists of five phases conducted over three years. It starts with cloud basics and culminates with AWS certifications and full responsibility for customer projects. Trainees will gain a deep understanding of cloud technology, security protocols, data management, and industry specific regulatory issues. The training and mentorship will be under the guidance of our seasoned industry and technology experts—among the best in the business. Individuals who complete this phased, comprehensive training will be positioned for success in the cloud business. At the end of each phase trainees will be prepared to take the appropriate level AWS certification exam.

Program Structure


(6 Months)

Introduction to AWS Services and hands-on training. During this phase, individuals will be exposed to the AWS ecosystem and many of its practical implications as they observe and work alongside our experts.
AWS Certification: Cloud Practitioner Certification


(1 Year)

Candidates will work with senior technical mentors on various projects for crucial hands-on experience. This real-life problem-solving builds on Phase 1 knowledge and strengthens technical acumen and project management skills. At the end of year 1 candidates will be prepared for the Associate Certification exam.AWS Certification: Associate Certification


(18 Months)

Greater responsibility is awarded to individuals in Phase 3 as they work in an active customer environment under minimal senior supervision. This six-month period prepares training participants for the SysOps certification.AWS Certification: SysOps Administrator Certification


(2 Years)

Participants will undertake projects from the clients and will train and mentor junior engineers as the project moves to completion.AWS Certification: Security Specialty Certification


(3 Years)

During Phase 5, individuals in the Academy program will transition from a supervised team member to a project lead, handling and overlooking multiple projects, and mentoring a team of junior engineers and planners.AWS Certification: Solution Architect Professional / DevOps Pro Certification

Start Your Career with Seasoned Professionals

Career Opportunity with Ibexlabs

Career Opportunity with Ibexlabs

After completion of the program, Ibexlabs offers qualified performers to join Ibexlabs as full-time employees.

Industry Certifications - Ibexlabs

Industry Certifications

As an individual moves through the training objectives, participants will be expected to obtain the appropriate level certifications from Amazon Web Services (AWS). These industry-recognized certifications will lay the foundation for an individual’s success in the cloud business.

Quality Learning Experience - Ibexlabs

Quality Learning Experience

Ibexlabs Talent Academy exposes the participants to a technical community where they can learn and apply new skills, receive expert feedback, and improve.

Well-Structured Program - Ibexlabs

Well-Structured Program

The immersive program follows a step-by-step structure that helps the participants to gain knowledge and ample opportunity to work with leading-edge technology and learn new skills.

Project Management - Ibexlabs

Project Management

The program also gives a first-hand opportunity to the participants to handle projects on their own with minimal supervision.

Attention to Individuals - Ibexlabs

Attention to Individuals

Our training experts pay attention to the individual participants and work on their strengths and weakness while grooming them for the cloud industry.

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