Microservices Hosting

An efficient containerized environment to deliver function-rich applications at speed

Think beyond the monolithic application architecture and make your application components independent and highly responsive. With Microservices Hosting from Ibexlabs, you can develop and deploy various components in the form of containers and reduce the overall development lifecycle. Iterate at will and speed up the process in the DevOps pipeline. With effective containerization, microservices hosting gives your business flexibility, scalability, and an easy to manage application architecture. Reach out to us for Microservices Hosting, we are also available on the AWS marketplace.

Why Ibexlabs

Continuous Backups

Automated backups and efficient resource allocation help you better manage your architecture.


Deploy microservices within containers which work as a complete virtual operating system environment that allows your developers to easily use and share resources.

Serverless Compute Engine

Ibexlabs uses AWS Fargate to help you with a pay-as-you-go compute engine that allows you to build applications without any need for server management.

Automated Prompts

Ensure the quality of your applications by reducing the debugging time as microservices enable developers to resolve issues much faster.

Security Guardrails

Automate security policies for compute resources, applications, containers, and other components; expedite the development cycle with a better security posture.


Ibexlabs uses orchestration systems such as Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, and others to monitor your containerized environments.

How You Benefit

Easy to Build

Simplify your IT operations and build and maintain your applications easily as microservices work independently— from languages to frameworks and databases.

High Availability

Containerized microservices ensure high availability for your application. In case you want to alter one of the microservices, it doesn't influence the entire application.

Automated Prompts

Ensure the quality of your applications by reducing the debugging time as microservices enable developers to resolve issues much faster.

Shorter Development Cycle

Microservices architecture compartmentalizes your application into manageable microservices that are faster to develop and lead to better productivity.


Containerized applications allow you to scale selectively as per the business requirements without disrupting the other parts of the application.


Microservices supports distributed teams that work closely together. Individual developers are empowered to make better informed decisions in the collaborative development process.

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