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AWS Certified Engineering Team

Ibexlabs recently achieved a new distinction. We are now an Advanced Consulting Partner with 100 AWS Certifications—of which 50% of these are Professional/Specialty certs.

Our AWS Certified engineering team evaluates your infrastructure and makes expert recommendations based on your business requirements.

AWS 100 Certifications

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Expert Cloud Consulting Services

Our cloud
architecture services

AWS Services

Ibexlabs is dedicated to transforming clients' business, infrastructure, and operating models by leveraging a comprehensive variety of AWS Services for all business sectors.    

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Optimize Amazon QuickSight, from Amazon’s Business Intelligence system, to help you make informed business decisions for the growth and acceleration of your company.

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DevOps Consultancy

Through DevOps-as-a-Service, we help companies implement best practices and deploy work into production with greater speed, quality, and control to deliver better value to their end users.

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By transforming your customer service capabilities with Amazon Connect, Ibexlabs can ensure your business progresses apace with this ever-changing communications landscape.

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As certified AWS Healthcare Competency Partners, Ibexlabs is passionate about helping your firm secure sensitive patient data and achieve HIPAA compliance.

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Ibexlabs has been a leading IT consulting and Managed Service Provider (MSP) across the globe since 2014. Get started with our consultancy solutions here.

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An Ibexlabs Well-Architected Review involves a deep appraisal of your business-critical workloads against the 5 pillars of the AWS WA Framework.

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Selected Solutions

Expert Cloud Solutions

architecture experts

AWS And WordPress

Harness the power of Amazon’s superior infrastructure with WordPress content delivery.

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AWS With Magento

Optimize your online business through the feature-rich, professional E-Commerce solution Magento 2.

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Optimize your infrastructure for improved privacy and cloud security in line with the HIPAA Security Rule with a full HIPAA managed cloud solution designed and implemented by compliance experts

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Ibexlabs Case Study Resources

Ibexlabs case studies demonstrate a variety of implementations focused on creating substantive business results for our clients. Reduced cost of operations, secure and compliant infrastructure, as well as improved environment stability, are just a few successes of Ibexlabs cloud solutions.

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IbexLabs team

Your cloud
architecture experts

Our AWS and DevOps-as-a-Service team leverages collaboration, continuous improvement, cloud adoption, and automation for your business requirements.

With our DaaS offering, Ibexlabs ensures rapid migration and onboarding of applications by automating an end-to-end delivery pipeline. As AWS Certified Consulting Partners, we facilitate continuous integration and delivery through the leading cloud platform AWS.

What People Say

Our clients
love us

I was looking for a strategic partner to help me create and implement a very robust, HIPAA compliant, and secure AWS infrastructure. I've been very impressed with the entire Ibexlabs team and highly recommend others to work with them.

Tim Heger, GoHBF CTO

“We’re now operating as a HIPAA compliant business, and Ibexlabs is providing ongoing support to ensure that we remain compliant. We’ve successfully completed several audits and assessments.”

Ben Yule

Spire Health CTO

AWS has both great capabilities and great complexities. We needed a partner that would help us achieve superior performance, security, and administration through the leading cloud platform. Ibexlabs has been indispensable as our web services expert. They are our critical-path AWS partner.

Jeff Peck

S'well CTO

“I wanted to get our AWS infrastructure reviewed for both security and cost optimizations. Ibexlabs helped us with WAR review and a number of important findings were reported, enabling us via IAC to optimize not only cost but also security issues. I shall recommend them for their flexibility and delivery on time.”

Vivek Chhikara

Managing Director - Engineering

“Ibexlabs has built world-class infrastructure for us utilizing advanced AWS capabilities.”

Brian George, MD MAED

PLSC Executive Director and Member

“We contracted the Ibex team to migrate our marketing data and email delivery platform from our existing vendor to AWS Pinpoint. The Ibex team were very professional and technically adept throughout the various project phases. They partnered with us in solving issues quickly and maintained clear communication throughout their engagement. Even though their entire team was based offshore, the 12 plus hour time difference was hardly felt by our team. Kudos to their project management and technical team who were always eager to help and kept us honest. I’d highly recommend the Ibex team for any AWS related platform initiatives. Thanks Ibex team and wish you all the very best. Thank you AWS for recommending Ibex.”

Vijay Mandalam

Chief Technology Officer

Ibexlabs helped us streamline the transfer of data between Salesforce and Nomo platform. It enabled us to capture data-driven business insights.

Clint Cushing

CEO, Nomo Hub

Working with Ibexlabs, we were always kept apprised of every aspect of our cloud migration process. Our applications run smoother than ever, even as we continue to grow.

Rick Veltri

Map Click Marketing

“Ibexlabs has been a great partner to work with. They deployed a AWS Connect contact center for us quickly and efficiently while handling requests for custom functionality with ease. Their communication was clear and consistent, all deadlines were met, and the final product is exactly what we asked for. I would happily recommend them and work with them again.”

Bobby FitzPatrick

By leveraging AWS, Ibexlabs provisioned application infrastructure for Kitchry Health that meets HIPAA compliance regulations while still helping their dieticians connect quickly and easily with clients.

Invisawear’s market growth came along with growing concerns – being a SmartWear tech company we need to improve our bare bone AWS cloud infrastructure to meet scaling and performance requirements. Our partnership with IbexLabs was a game changer. We have now brought our infrastructure within the Well Architected Framework to meet best in class industry standards. The team at IbexLabs was great to work with, skilled and very open to our direct and honest questions. We look forward to continuing this relationship as we grow and scale.

Rajia Abdelaziz

CEO & Co-founder

From navigating the complexities of AWS to dealing with the constantly shifting requirements of an early stage startup, Ibexlabs handled all this gracefully. Their deep experience in security and compliance has allowed our company to scale quickly and effortlessly while maintaining our rigid security posture. Ibexlabs really feels like a natural extension of our own team—we highly recommend them!

Kyle Alwyn

HeyDoctor CTO

I was looking for a strategic partner to help me create and implement a very robust, HIPAA compliant, and secure AWS infrastructure. I’ve been very impressed with the entire Ibexlabs team and highly recommend others to work with them. 

Tim Heger

HealthBridge Financial CTO/CISO

“As I looked to bring my home monitoring and management platform to market I knew that creating a HIPPA compliant architecture was a must have in order to partner and work with health systems and payer groups. Ibexlabs was able to both quickly and efficiently bring my system architecture to where it needed to be in order to continue with my company’s growth. I would highly recommend them and look forward to continue working with them to further scale and secure my DevSecOps

Ross Sommers, MD

Founder - FirstDay Healthcare

“Eventuall.ai provides innovative, customizable solutions for the hosting of interactive virtual events. With their technology, users can replicate the feeling of being at an inperson event and bring back the exciting, two-way conversations that make these events so engaging. “

Ibexlabs successfully implemented the new infrastructure within a few days, and the solution was able to process transactions within the week. The project was a complete success. We implemented a new infrastructure within a few days and were able to process transactions again in under a week. The team was available whenever needed, finding solutions to all challenges.

Michael Rosenzweig

Managing Director

“Ibexlabs’ cloud expertise together with AWS technologies allows the platform to scale to any size and support a variety of CORT customers with a customizable and user-friendly frontend.” – Himalesh Kumar, Executive Director, CORT

“When it came to our hosting infrastructure, security was a first priority. Working with Ibexlabs, we found a partner who listened, and who worked hard to build a solution around our particular needs.”

Jon Mrkonich, 1Team, Inc.

Unique Business Situation? Have Questions?

Our team has customized cloud infrastructure for just about every type of business you can imagine, tell us your situation and we will tailor a solution to meet your requirements.

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As AWS Certified Consulting Partner, you get more than just extensive cloud expertise and first-rate IT support. Our team gives true meaning to the words “brand ambassadors.”

We leverage our comprehensive industry experience on your business' behalf to resolve system pain points, transform your infrastructure, and work in tandem with you.

All for the growth and acceleration of your company.

Email: engage@ibexlabs.com
Phone: (888) 723-5797

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