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Ibexlabs is an Innovation-First Company with a Forward-Looking Approach. We create remarkable experiences for our customers that lead them to business success

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Our Expertise in Cloud is Industry Recognized

Ibexlabs is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with 100+ AWS certifications covering four Competencies and seven Service Delivery Programs. We provide our expertise to customers in a friendly, helpful, and professional manner while building lasting value for your business.


We love what we do


Our principles are based on respect and teamwork


We are dedicated to our customers' success


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How we stand out

Driven Workforce

Customer Centric

Innovation First

Performance Focus

Global Clientele

Cost Savings Pros

What Our Clients say about us

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Building our FHIR Data Lake with IbexLabs is like picking up a ‘New English’ for ease of healthcare communication – a complete rewrite of the grammar for the 21st Century.

IbexLabs’ know-how in this ‘New English’ allows us to set up the foundations to go from Zero to One. We are building on top of this foundation with confidence, using this New English – the grammatically correct way.


Pascal Odek

CTO, WellBeam

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I was looking for a strategic partner to help me create and implement a very robust, HIPAA-compliant, and secure AWS infrastructure. I’ve been very impressed with the entire Ibexlabs team and highly recommend others to work with them.


Tim Heger

CTO, HealthBridge Financial


It’s been like taking our car to the garage and getting it serviced and certified. It gives us peace of mind that we’re doing our best for XGen.Ai and our customers in terms of cloud security posture.


Jason D’Rion

Chief Information Officer, XGen.Ai

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