How AWS Copilot makes containerized services even easier

May 16, 2023
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Containerized services combine the power of a fully optimized, well-architected data infrastructure with the flexibility to fix and update individual services. By packaging each service with their own dependencies, businesses can avoid compatibility issues arising from codependent services, conflicting dependencies and differences in OS. 

Through ECS and Fargate, AWS offers a powerful, easy-to-use containerized system built around your existing infrastructure. Instead of building entirely new development environments to try out a new feature or update, containerized services allow for agile development without causing dependencies issues between services. 

AWS Copilot makes this process even easier by introducing a command-line level that allows developers to quickly and easily:

  • Deploy applications/microservices on ECS Fargate 
  • Scale-out/in-services as per requirement 
  • Manage release by setup CI/CD pipeline using AWS CodePipeline

This ultimately saves businesses money by reducing the need for costly development environments to test out new fixes, updates and features. Furthermore, by reducing dependency issues, end-point users experience drastically less down time. 

Better yet, AWS Copilot can be integrated with CI/CD pipelines like Code pipeline, Jenkins and Circle-CI. This means you won’t have to change your CI/CD methodology, while still being able to enjoy the increased speeds and efficient pricing of containerized services.
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