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AMI & Snapshot Management Using AWS Lambda

Automating tasks and continuously improving workflows are key parts of DevOps. In a CI/CD pipeline, being able to simplify processes is a huge plus. Not only will simplifying systemic processes make life easier for you as a developer, but there are other added benefits to gain as well. For example, you can significantly reduce…

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Infrastructure as Code Security

Infrastructure as Code and the bigger concept of DevOps for business applications are accelerating the utilization of cloud computing. Businesses...

Using IAM Access Analyzer

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a crucial part of the AWS ecosystem. The service allows you to control...

Use AWS Glue to Migrate RDS Data to Amazon Redshift

Moving large amounts of data is always a cumbersome task to do, especially when there are adjustments to be made...

Querying AWS Service Logs using Amazon Athena

The Amazon Web Services ecosystem is growing rapidly to meet market demands and new challenges. In its present state, there...

Improving AWS Performance for the Future

The true power of cloud computing lies in the way it can be optimized for maximum performance and efficiency. While...

IAM Database Authentication for Amazon RDS In MySQL

In a rapidly growing, decentralized web-based environment, sometimes with thousands of miles between the people you work with, having the...

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