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20 Critical Security Controls Your Business Needs

The rapidly growing number of cyberattacks in recent years has resulted in an ever-increasing need for better information security globally—for companies of all sectors. In response to the growth in…

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Set up an Amazon Elasticsearch Service Domain using a VPC with VPN

Many of the services available within the AWS ecosystem are actually managed services. They are added to the ecosystem to...

Ibexlabs’ Recent Achievements: 50 AWS Certifications & AWS Service Delivery Program for AWS CloudFormation

As a popular cloud ecosystem—and one of the most extensive—Amazon Web Services is now powering a substantial chunk of apps...

Improve Your Ongoing Cloud Transformation with DevOps

There are basically two major hurdles every organization faces when moving to the cloud: transforming their apps or solutions to...

Automatically Share AWS Service Catalog Portfolios To Different Accounts In Your Organization

When you leverage AWS Service Catalog you can fully create and manage a catalog of approved IT services on AWS....

What Trends Have You Missed in Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is swiftly spreading in popularity and usage all over the world. Ever since AlphaGo defeated Lee Sedol...

Managing Amazon WorkDocs with AWS Managed Microsoft Active Directory (AD)

Amazon WorkDocs provides fully managed, secure enterprise-level storage and sharing features for those looking to improve user productivity. As well...

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