About BigHoller

BigHoller began as a restaurant online ordering company but has evolved over the years to provide comprehensive restaurant app solutions complete with a full suite of marketing tools. 

The Challenge

BigHoller previously hosted its infrastructure in a dedicated private data center. With this traditional setup, the company faced many performance problems, maintenance costs, running costs, and efficiency issues. Core challenges included maintaining availability and uptime faced due to application downtime and latency issues. BigHoller’s infrastructure was also highly vulnerable to web attacks from external malicious actors. The data center infrastructure eventually succumbed to a significant ransomware attack that prevented the company from accessing its own system or personal files. All these issues were compounding to dramatically affect the company’s SaaS business.

The Ibexlabs Solution

  • BigHoller reached out to Ibexlabs to support a migration to AWS cloud from its traditional on-premises infrastructure in the company’s private data center which was running up significant maintenance and operational overheads. Following an architectural review and comprehensive company needs analysis, the Ibexlabs team outlined a migration roadmap and proposed a cloud architecture aligned to AWS best practices. 
  • In addition to the full migration from on-premise to cloud infrastructure, Ibexlabs was also able to highlight key areas of cost savings and propose strategies. As an AWS Well-Architected Partner, our team outlined opportunities to help optimize Bigholler’s performance efficiency and improve the company’s cloud architecture in line with the Five Pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework and cloud best practices. 
  • The first stage of the company’s cloud migration was to create a brand new AWS account and migrate the environment from on-premise facilities to the AWS cloud. Ibexlabs also proposed a full rebuild of the current set up and leveraged AWS Elastic BeanStalk to deploy and host the main application.

AWS Services used:

Amazon VPC, Amazon EC2, Amazon Route S3, Amazon S3, AWS Workspace

Third Party Services used:



By facilitating this move, Ibexlabs assisted BigHoller in accessing an average of 23% infrastructure cost savings, 7X fewer downtime hours, 62% more efficient IT infrastructure management, and increased high-availability thanks to AWS’ global Availability Zones. Now the company’s web application is highly available and BigHoller’s end users experience significantly lower latency when accessing the restaurant app solutions.