About BroadPeak Partners

BroadPeak Partners—a TechCrunch finalist firm—is now used by a broad mix of Fortune 500 companies to harness the most valuable asset in the business world: Data. The data plumbing capabilities behindBroadPeak’s platform—K3—drive business intelligence, streaming, ETL, and system integration.

The Challenge

BroadPeak’s platform, K3, is a specially designed software that takes data from anywhere and allows users to transform, alter, and unify it through an intuitive user interface. Trading firms, in particular, leverage BroadPeak Partner’s K3 platform to exchange connectivity, position limits, and trade surveillance. The platform is delivered both on-premise and as a hosted application based on what each customer needs.

BroadPeak wanted to make sure that IAM resources are always the least privileged, and a solution that scans and identifies unintended access to the resources and data, which helps in reviewing and validating policies affecting public and cross-account access permissions.

The Ibexlabs Solution

As part of the onboarding approach, Ibexlabs has started moving Instances in AWS Beanstalks to meet high availability through auto-scaling and also conducted a security assessment of the AWS solution(Based on CIS and WAF) and hosted applications using the Cloud Vulnerability Assessment to meet the requirements of SOC 2 compliance standards. The assessment resulted in remediation work being undertaken to ensure a more robust and secure environment for their applications and websites.This included upgrades to the security components, including implementation of AWS security services such as encryption of data volumes and enabling Guard Duty and monitoring services such as Cloud Trail,Config, and VPC Flow Logs. Ibexlabs used IAM and third-party solutions to control the users and service permissions in the AWS environment by providing specific permissions with the least privileged access to the users and services within and out AWS environment.

AWS Services used:

Amazon VPC, AWS CloudFormation, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Amazon RDS, Amazon Identity and Access Manager, and others

Third Party Services used:

Jenkins, OpsGenie, Ermetic, and others


The combination of these best-practice methods and AWS services allows BroadPeak Financial’s privacy and security to move in tandem. Ibexlabs’ innovative solution helps BroadPeak meet increasingSOC 2 compliance demands proactively and cost-effective based on the latest AWS technologies. With the continuing weekly support and performance optimization from AWS Trusted Advisor, Ibexlabs is also able to address BroadPeak evolving, complex cost optimization, reliability, and scalability needs.Furthermore, our ongoing support team maintains BroadPeak software to streamline their software processes in the management of policies, billing & rating, and claims through high availability and fault tolerant performance. This process yielded a solution from Ibexlabs that is in full alignment with BroadPeak business objectives.