Building A Secure and Well-Architected Cloud For Delivery Solutions

About Delivery Solutions

Delivery Solutions provides retailers with out -of-the -box solutions to power Click & Collect , Curbside ,Same -Day Delivery , Shipping & Post Purchase . They are trusted with some of the biggest names inmultiple verticals of retail like Michael 's, Office Depot , GameStop , Total Wine , Sally Beauty , Belk ,Loblaw, Vineyard Vines, etc.Delivery Solution ’s SAAS -based solution is highly flexible and interacts seamlessly with E-commerceproperties , OMS, WMS, and POS systems for a highly scalable experience and a delighted customer base .They are out of the box connected to the biggest names in same day delivery like Uber , DoorDash ,Postmates , Shipt , etc , with shipping providers like FedEx, UPS, USPS, and many more.

The Challenge

With the spike in shipping volumes brought on by the COVID-19 Pandemic, Delivery Solutions helped many major retail chains deliver goods to their customers. Delivery Solutions required a secure and highly scalable infrastructure to handle the increased volume.As part of a competitive market, Delivery Solutions needed an infrastructure that could reliably provide a seamless experience to end-point users. Slowdowns and downtime could quickly alienate their customers.

Delivery Solutions wants to operate on a secure, robust platform, enabling far more governance and safe, streamlined testing at every level and they wanted to implement a secure solution that enables them to process large amounts of data without impacting their existing infrastructure.

Most importantly, Delivery Solutions needed to ensure customer data was always secure and handled in a fashion compliant with regulatory laws like CIS and SOC 2 and passes all the attestation and information security requirements of various retailers.

The Ibexlabs Solution

Ibexlabs completed an overall assessment of Delivery Solutions infrastructure using AWS Well ArchitectedFramework. As part of Well-Architected review, Ibexlabs focused on areas of Well Architected Review such as Security, Reliability which are part of the five pillars of AWS Well Architected Review. This analysis gave valuable insight into where there was room for improvement, especially in regards to security, reliability, performance and cost optimization. Ibexlabs implemented a secure solution with the AWS services such as Macie to protect the PII data, andKMS to encrypt the data which helped them to process large amounts of data without impacting their existing infrastructure.Ibexlabs used IAM and third-party solutions to control the users and service permissions in the AWS environment by providing specific permissions with the least privileged access to the users and services within and out AWS environment.

Ibexlabs proposed a remediation plan to address some of the findings of the Well-Architected Review and proposed migrating to the AWS NIST Accelerator framework to ensure a segregated multi-account access model while setting up VPCs to ensure proper network segregation and data protections were in place. During this process, RBAC was set up to adhere to principles of least privilege, while still leaving a system that was secure and accessible to developers and did not reduce the ability of teams to respond to new challenges and opportunities.

AWS Services used:

AWS Service Catalog, ECS, WAF, IAM, AWS Inspector, AWS GuardDuty, and others

Third Party Services used:

Jenkins, OpsGenie, Ermetic, and others


In terms of security, Ibexlabs left Delivery Solutions with an infrastructure that not only met every one of their security requirements but was optimized for continuous compliance into the future. With AWSSecurityHub and Guard Duty, Delivery Solutions now have a broad, detailed understanding of their security posture, and where new threats may arise.

As well as increasing Delivery Solutions security stance, Ibexlabs helped Delivery Solutions provide their service more efficiently and at a lower cost and with improved automation capabilities. With AmazonWeb Services, Delivery Solutions has everything they need to grow their business into one of the most exciting in their industry.

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From the Customer

Ibexlabs has been a great partner in our growth journey. Their thought leadership around infrastructure security and reliability has helped support our exponential scale. Engaging with Ibexlabs has allowed our internal team to have access to an unbiased domain expert’s perspective and accelerated accomplishing core infrastructure priorities."

Arshaad Mirza, Founder

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