Delivery Solutions, a leader in innovative solutions for click-and-collect, curbside, same-day delivery, and post-purchase services, faced operational complexities with their Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) on EC2 instances.

The SaaS-based system seamlessly integrates with E-commerce, OMS, WMS, and POS systems, connecting with leading same-day delivery providers and major shipping carriers.

With Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS), Delivery Solutions ensures that they maintain highly scalable and efficient operations, interacting with leading same-day delivery providers like Uber, DoorDash, Postmates, Shipt, and major shipping carriers such as FedEx, UPS, and USPS.

Ibexlabs collaborated with Delivery Solutions to revamp its infrastructure, leveraging Amazon ECS to enhance scalability, security, and overall operational efficiency.


Delivery Solutions faced operational complexities in their CI/CD process, infrastructure security, EC2 patching, and dynamic container scaling on their existing Amazon ECS infrastructure, hindering operational agility. 

Ensuring the utmost security for their applications was a top priority.


Ibexlabs transformed the infrastructure using Amazon ECS, employing AWS CloudFormation templates to provision resources seamlessly. This included Amazon ECS clusters, services, security groups, and load balancers, ensuring consistent and dependable deployments.

To bolster security and availability, internal Network Load Balancers (NLBs) were implemented within Amazon VPC. This not only restricted access to authenticated and authorized traffic but also optimized traffic distribution among Amazon ECS containers, enhancing performance.

We introduced Jenkins for continuous integration and deployment and built resilient CI/CD pipelines tailored to support the new architecture, automating their build, testing, and deployment process. The new CI/CD pipeline enabled them to roll out features quickly and reliably, without disrupting the broader infrastructure. This automation not only accelerated the delivery process but also elevated the overall stability and consistency of their deployments.

The architecture was further refined by segmenting components into distinct subnets, each tailored to its role. Public subnets housed public-facing components like load balancers, while private subnets accommodated ECS tasks and internal load balancers. To ensure maximum security and isolation, private subnets were created for resources that don’t need internet access, such as Mongo Atlas databases.

Business Outcomes

  • Enhanced Operational Agility: The adoption of Amazon ECS and CloudFormation templates empowered Delivery Solutions to dynamically scale their operations, ensuring swift responsiveness to market demands. This newfound agility translates to increased adaptability and competitive advantage in the ever-evolving retail landscape.
  • Fortified Security Resilience: Through the implementation of robust security measures, Delivery Solutions significantly strengthened its infrastructure against potential threats. This heightened security posture not only safeguards sensitive data and transactions but also instills trust among customers and partners, bolstering the brand’s reputation for reliability and integrity.
  • Optimized Resource Utilization: The meticulous design of segmented subnets and the integration of internal Network Load Balancers optimized the allocation of resources. This not only improved the overall performance of Delivery Solutions’ services but also resulted in cost efficiencies by ensuring that resources are allocated precisely where they are needed, avoiding unnecessary expenditure.
  • Rapid Feature Rollouts: The implementation of resilient CI/CD pipelines automated through Jenkins streamlined the process of feature deployment. This accelerated time-to-market for new offerings and updates, enabling Delivery Solutions to stay ahead of the competition and deliver innovative solutions to their clients faster than ever before.
  • Compliance Assurance: By adhering to industry standards through secure architecture and controls, Delivery Solutions instills confidence in its clientele. This commitment to compliance not only protects against regulatory risks but also positions the company as a trustworthy and responsible partner, attracting businesses that prioritize adherence to industry regulations and standards.

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