Building Efficient DevOps pipelines for Eventuall

About Eventuall provides innovative, customizable solutions for the hosting of interactive virtual events. With their technology, users can replicate the feeling of being at an in-person event and bring back the exciting, two-way conversations that make these events so engaging. While other platforms let users stream a movie or concert online, the Eventuall platform truly replicates the feeling of being at a real-world event.

The Challenge

  • Proper implementation of DevOps principles 
  • Increased efficiency through basic CI/CD pipelines 
  • Air-tight security protocols to protect the infrastructure 
  • Robust logging and monitoring capabilities

The Ibexlabs Solution

Ibexlabs did an initial assessment of Eventuall’s infrastructure using the AWS Well-Architected Framework. Ibexlabs proposed a remediation plan to address the findings of the Well-Architected Review and proposed setting up VPCs to ensure proper network segregation and data protection. 

During this process, RBAC was set up to adhere to principles of least privilege - leaving a system that was secure and accessible to developers and did not reduce the ability of teams to respond to new challenges and opportunities.

AWS Services used:

  • AWS CloudTrail: ​​For threat detection and vulnerability scanning 
  • AWS GuardDuty, and AWS Config: For constant monitoring for malicious activities such as SQL Injections, Trojan Attacks, Port scanning.
  • AWS CloudWatch: For centralized monitoring and alerting which is useful for ensuring an audit-ready environment


Eventuall now has an efficient and powerful infrastructure that can handle a large volume of traffic that could fluctuate dramatically in a short time.

With automated load balancing and pay-as- you-go structure, Eventuall can optimize cost while being able to scale up or down as needed.

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From the Customer

"Ibexlabs has been a good partner to us. They've shown competence over a wide range of AWS technologies. We've found them to be dependable. They've helped us to occasionally handle emergencies on nights and weekends. They communicate well. I have personally recommended them to a colleague."

Scott Clay, CEO 

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