About Eventuall

Eventuall.ai provides innovative, customizable solutions for the hosting of interactive virtual events. With their technology, users can replicate the feeling of being at an in-person event and bring back the exciting, two-way conversations that make these events so engaging. While other platforms let users stream a movie or concert online, the Eventuall platform truly replicates the feeling of being at a real-world event.

The Challenge

  • Proper implementation of DevOps principles 
  • Increased efficiency through basic CI/CD pipelines 
  • Air-tight security protocols to protect the infrastructure 
  • Robust logging and monitoring capabilities

The Ibexlabs Solution

Ibexlabs did an initial assessment of Eventuall’s infrastructure using the AWS Well-Architected Framework. Ibexlabs proposed a remediation plan to address the findings of the Well-Architected Review and proposed setting up VPCs to ensure proper network segregation and data protection. 

During this process, RBAC was set up to adhere to principles of least privilege – leaving a system that was secure and accessible to developers and did not reduce the ability of teams to respond to new challenges and opportunities.

AWS Services used:

  • AWS CloudTrail: ​​For threat detection and vulnerability scanning 
  • AWS GuardDuty, and AWS Config: For constant monitoring for malicious activities such as SQL Injections, Trojan Attacks, Port scanning.
  • AWS CloudWatch: For centralized monitoring and alerting which is useful for ensuring an audit-ready environment


Eventuall now has an efficient and powerful infrastructure that can handle a large volume of traffic that could fluctuate dramatically in a short time.

With automated load balancing and pay-as- you-go structure, Eventuall can optimize cost while being able to scale up or down as needed.