About HealthBridge Financial

HealthBridge Financial is an Insurtech company that unites all parties with a stake in healthcare payments. More and more companies operating in the healthcare vertical are opting to take advantage of the multiple benefits of cloud computing. The unique laws and regulations that such companies must conform to lead to unprecedented software compliance and security challenges. HealthBridge Financial engaged Ibexlabs to engineer a cost-effective, highly available, fault-tolerant cloud implementation which also reconciled their primary concerns of security and data protection.

The Challenge

HealthBridge was looking for an AWS partner to manage their infrastructure, data privacy, identity behavior monitoring, and provide them 24/7 support to fix the security issues within a short time frame. Infrastructure security was another concern for which they needed a solution to manage CIEM, IDV, IGA, and PAM.

The Ibexlabs Solution

Ibexlabs, an AWS Partner used AWS services and third party tools to control the users and service permissions in the AWS environment by providing specific permissions with the least privileges. An alerting tool was set up to generate alerts for every security violation and threat.


The combination of these best-practice methods and AWS services allows Healthbridge Financial’s PHI privacy and security to move in tandem. Ibexlabs’ innovative solution helped HealthBridge meet increasing HIPAA-compliance demands proactively and cost-effectively based on the latest AWS technologies. With the continuing weekly support and performance optimization from AWS Trusted Advisor, Ibexlabs is also able to address HealthBridge’s evolving, complex cost optimization, reliability, and scalability needs. Furthermore, Ibexlabs’ ongoing support team maintains HealthBridge’s software to streamline their software processes in the management of policies, billing and rating, and claims through high availability and fault-tolerant performance.