About Kitchry Health

Aimed at boldly transforming the delivery of health advice, Kitchry Health’s mobile application allows dieticians to store and view all their client information in one place. By having full access to their clients’ profiles in this way, these health professionals can create and send personalized diet plans plus nutrition and wellness recommendations. They can also fully communicate with and track their clients’ progress.

The Challenge

With the launch of their dietary mobile application in mid-September 2017, Kitchry Health recognized the need to move onto software-supporting infrastructure that complies with HIPAA regulations. Created by dietitians, the software application combines meal planning, patient reports, and customizable dietary templates. The company has created a reliable database of up-to-date nutritional information which dietitians can share with clients in the form of personalized meal plans. 

As Kitchry Health’s application database stores an extensive level of sensitive Electronic Health Records (EHRs) regarding their dieticians’ clients in the form of Protected Health Information (PHI) and ongoing tracking data, the company needed secure infrastructure with appropriate privacy protections.

The Ibexlabs Solution

By leveraging AWS, Ibexlabs provisioned application infrastructure for Kitchry Health that meets HIPAA compliance regulations while still helping their dieticians connect quickly and easily with clients. AWS infrastructure meets all the necessary security and privacy requirements at the same time as being agile and scalable to meet fluctuating traffic demands. 

AWS Services used:

Amazon ECR, Amazon ECS, Amazon VPC

Third Party services used:

Docker, Jenkins


  • Cost reduction: Kitchry Health can reduce the cost of IT infrastructure investments and on-going maintenance expenditure through AWS’ pay-per-use model
  • Reduced implementation risks: Cloud computing allows for rapid deployment as there is no need to purchase hardware, licenses and software.
  • Increased flexibility: AWS provides more flexibility in terms of response and speed for the company’s dieticians to access their clients’ information at any time, and from anywhere.
  • Improved storage capabilities, network agility, and application scalability: AWS dynamically scales resources up and down as needed so Kitchry Health don’t pay for any wastage.
  • The company can focus on core values: With secure and reliable infrastructure, the business can focus on delivering personal nutrition and wellness recoomendations as the technology is maintained in accordance with best practices.