About Labra

Labra is a Distributed Cloud Commerce Management Platform that can expedite the growth of an Independent Service Provider (ISV) on the cloud.

Labra is an enterprise SaaS solution that provides a simple and secure connection between the CRM system of AWS and its partner CRM system so that each of them can be in sync without human intervention. Labra enables AWS and its partner to proactively help each other to acquire customers with short sales cycles.

Labra is an integrated Platform; multiple SaaS products, such as Oppsync, connect the CRM system of AWS and its partner CRM seamlessly to bring the best Cloud Commerce Management experience.

The Challenge

The current method of Enterprise integration between systems is very painful, time-consuming, costly, and comes with additional technical overhead. For example, you need to keep track of the Leads and Opportunities submitted to AWS APN Central, list a product on the AWS marketplace, and keep track of the subscriptions of your clients. Labra creates the infrastructure to manage the development lifecycle and production system that can synchronize changes in the marketplace with a customer’s CRM.

To achieve this greater sales efficiency, Labra Oppsync provides a simple way to track all your ACE sales and proactively notifies users about the activities happening in the sales pipeline, all of that while being SOC 2 compliant.

Our vision is to provide solutions to AWS partners regarding syncing the AWS CRM system and proactively optimizing their customer acquisition.

How does Labra help?

  • Reduce time to market by months
  • No need to manage Dev teams
  • Deliver a no-code solution
  • Manage all operations directly from your CRM

The Ibexlabs Solution

Ibexlabs has designed, architected, and managed Labra’s complete infrastructure, which allows full compliance with SOC 2. The process included updating our infrastructure to required security standards and applying KMS encryption to the environment. This results in database security and stability of the SaaS platform. With the Ibexlabs solution, Labra has built the fastest ACE integration product that can be rolled out in a week. Ibexlabs developed and maintains the CICD pipeline to streamline the development of the Labra platform.
A secure architecture with internal services behind a VPC and public services with tight restrictions were designed by Ibexlabs to comply with the most secure standards.


Ibexlabs designed, deployed, and ramped to production a new SaaS-based workflow for Labra Oppsync on AWS. Ibexlabs provided the means to meet the increasing SOC 2 compliance demands proactively with cost-effectiveness based on the latest AWS technologies.

Labra customers now have increased opportunities and more than 100% increase in lead syncing to AWS. The seamless operation means that users need not go to the APN Partner Central UI to update an opportunity. It also cuts down on duplicate sales activities.

Ibexlabs also provided a comprehensive development pipeline to streamline the SDLC process. New features can quickly move from inception to reality in production.