About NerdRabbit

NerdRabbit describe themselves as “the first AI-powered, unbiased hiring platform that matches cloud pros with cloud (h)opportunities”. The intelligent software behind NerdRabbit Is called Nerdly. It’s a software platform that uses AWS machine learning technology to reduce the labor intensity typically associated with the interviewing, vetting, and hiring process. They create a two-sided marketplace where Nerds and NerdHerders use Nerdly to find new opportunities; hire hourly, contract, or full-time cloud talent; and connect and collaborate with fellow cloud pros in the NerdBurrow.

The Challenge

NerdRabbit is an ISV Accelerate partner and their target market is AWS customers and practitioners. Co-selling with the AWS ecosystem is the #1 go to market.

The challenge for the Nerdly sales team was to keep their Salesforce up-to-date with AWS ACE, which involved manual effort and Google Sheet mapping.  

This didn’t scale and took valuable time away from sales staff reducing time spent with AWS and customers.  

To solve this problem, NerdRabbit quickly onboarded Labra OppSync to integrate Salesforce with AWS ACE which automated away their challenges and released more time for AWS and customers.

When Claire Edwards joined NerdRabbit as the first salesperson, it was OK to manually synchronize a few opportunities between Salesforce and AWS ACE, using Google Sheets in the middle as a tracking tool. But, like other AWS partners who start like this, it soon got out of hand.  

As NerdRabbit grew, they were spending more hours manually updating opportunities on their CRM and on AWS ACE, taking valuable time away from AWS or customers. The more opportunities they won and the more sales people that joined the team, the greater the impact.

The heart of the problem was that the growing NerdRabbit sales team were having to use their own CRM, plus the AWS ACE portal, and track email updates and use Google Sheets to track opportunities.  

So, what could NerdRabbit do to reduce this overhead and keep growing?  

The Ibexlabs Solution

NerdRabbit talked to Labra because the OppSync product in their Distributed Cloud Commerce Management platform was purpose built to solve this problem.

Claire said, “Kyle at Labra told me ‘I gotta tell you about this software platform! It’s gonna save you so much time!”

“And he was right,” she said, “I was introduced to OppSync and it has changed my life!”

Watch Claire Edwards and Jon Myer discuss Labra OppSync at NerdRabbit.

Watch Jon Myer talk with Claire Edwards from NerdRabbit. She explains the realities of going from spending hours a week updating and verifying co-sell deals in her CRM and AWS ACE… to now just about 20 minutes a week by using OppSync from Labra.


Getting started with Labra OppSync was straightforward for the NerdRabbit sales team.  

“There wasn’t a huge learning curve” because Labra OppSync let’s sales people work where they work: in Salesforce. It just adds some extra buttons and views so all that opportunity work can be done in their CRM.

With just a few 15 minute sessions over a few weeks, NerdRabbit’s CRM was integrated and synchronizing opportunities automagically with AWS ACE.  

  • 500% growth in opportunity volume.
  • 97% reduction in managing the co-sell pipeline. 
  • 95% reduction in support required from AWS ACE team.

A day in the life of NerdRabbit sales looks like this:

  • Sales staff just click one button to share opportunities from their Salesforce to AWS.
  • Sales staff just click an Accept button to create AWS-provided opportunities in their Salesforce.
  • Any changes they make are automagically propagated to AWS, and the same when AWS update things at their end.
  • They have an accurate dashboard which helps with sales operations and pipeline management.