About New Road Home Solutions (NRHS)

New Road Home Solutions is a real estate solutions and investment firm, helping homeowners sell their properties quickly and efficiently in and around New Jersey. NRHS works directly with homeowners to help them sell their houses fast, and customer relationship management is one of the most important processes within their organization. Customers are able to connect to NRHS through multiple channels, and the sales team needs to be able to secure leads coming in both online and through the web.

The Challenge

  • To streamline and facilitate its sales and investment strategies, NRHS wanted a custom, in-house CRM application that could be integrated with all of the organization’s communication channels. While there are many CRM solutions available, not many of them could support the organization’s needed processes without customization. 
  • The CRM solution had to be designed to support the company’s sales and support call center. 
  • It also needed to provide data analysis on current customer sentiment, to better score leads.
  • Finally, NRHS also needed to implement an online chat application for its customer support agents — so they could improve their engagement with online clients, and encourage online clients to take the leap. 

The Ibexlabs Solution

Ibexlabs could create an all-in-one customer and sales channel to better support NRHS’ operations. To acquire a full suite of Amazon Connect applications, NRHS asked Ibexlabs to provide them with a new AWS cloud solution. Ibexlabs was able to implement a new cloud center accordingly, with AWS Connect and AWS Lambda.

AWS Services used:

AWS Connect, AWS Kinesis, AWS Lambda

The Result

Through the new center developed by Ibexlabs, NRHS is able to quickly analyze ongoing customer sentiment and get superior reports based on queues, agents, and routing profiles. The company’s contact center was empowered with a full suite of supporting AWS applications, translating directly to better business outcomes. The company is now in charge of its customer data, and able to use its customer and lead information to improve support and sales strategies. As for the transition, Ibexlabs was able to provide support for the integration of the custom CRM application with the new cloud contact center. NRHS was able to easily transition to a CRM solution that had been customized to them, without any significant disruption. And with new, online chat functionality and the omnichannel approach, NRHS could ensure that its sales team never missed a lead.