Integrating the Sales Enablement Tools of Nomo with Salesforce

About Nomo

Nomo provides field sales reps and sales companies with sales enablement tools for lead aggregation and distribution, onboarding of new sales reps, and dashboards and metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of sales channels. With these tools, Nomo offers field reps the ability to sell multiple products using a single platform.

The Challenge

Nomo’s sales tools and apps are populated with data from Salesforce - a CRM used by enterprises to manage their customer data. 

Integrating the Nomo platform with Salesforce would enable sales teams to get valuable business insights and drive incremental sales via their sales enablement platform.

The Ibexlabs Solution

AWS Services used:

  • AWS Appflow: For secure data transfer between the Salesforce CRM application and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). AWS Appflow allows flow control and scheduling of the data transfer. 
  • AWS Lambda: A serverless, event-driven compute service to import sales data into the Nomo tools. 
  • AWS CloudWatch: To monitor the data flow, observe processes in the solution, and automate actions to preemptively troubleshoot issues and avoid interruptions. 


Using DevOps, Ibexlabs built a highly available, secure, and scalable solution for this integration.

From the Customer

“Ibexlabs helped us streamline the transfer of data between Salesforce and Nomo platform. It enabled us to capture data-driven business insights.”

Clint Cushing, CEO

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