About nOps

nOps is a fast-growing provider of AI-powered SaaS solutions that help companies build, manage, and operate cloud-native, well-architected infrastructures for both Microsoft Azure or AWS. With several competencies in its technical arsenal, nOps makes cloud management easier for companies, with a focus on rapid growth and operational excellence.

The Challenge

nOps fast growth presents a sales sales pipeline management problem common to all partners of hyperscale clouds. As a fast-growing independent software vendor (ISV) that uses Salesforce CRM and the AWS ACE Pipeline Manager to track and manage sales opportunities—manually updating leads between the two systems. With month-over-month co-selling growth, the pain for nOps to maintain an accurate, steady exchange of leads and opportunities between the two sales pipelines became untenable.

The hard impact of this is measurable slow-down drag on the flywheel of growth which in turn caused frustration with customers with slower times to solve their problems, and with staff both at nOps and AWS who just want to get the paperwork done and move to delivering value as soon as possible.

nOps sales staff worked closely with their ACE counterparts and asked “How can we remove this double-entry CRM bookkeeping from our process and make it more efficient? How do we solve the double-CRM problem?”

The Ibexlabs Solution

To solve this double-CRM overhead that causes so much drag and difficulty of sales data management, Ibexlabs implemented Labra OppSync to integrate nOps’ sales data from their Salesforce CRM with the AWS ACE Pipeline Manager.

Labra OppSync is an elegant, automated SaaS solution for bi-directional integration of data between two sales pipelines. Here, the implementation process of Labra OppSync was painless and required minimal involvement from nOps IT. Moreover, it was completed within weeks.

nOps Sales staff no longer have to manually make – or not make – double-entry CRM updates and they now have a single source of truth with updates in near real-time. nOps sales staff spend more effort helping customers buy and onboard and get to value rather than flipping between browser tabs to copy and paste data. Leadership at nOps and AWS can now, finally, “see” the same pipeline and can work together to improve it for the customers’ benefit. Labra OppSync provides a dashboard to visualize the data as it flows through the different stages of the sales cycle, adding confidence to the process.


  • With the implementation of Labra OppSync, nOps can quickly drive sales opportunities forward through a streamlined sales process.
  • No more Manual intervention to fetch and update sales data from the CRM No more duplicated sales data in two CRMs
  • No more mistakes in sales data
  • No more wasted time doing paperwork instead of helping customers be successful.
  • No more hours wasted in sales meetings trying to make sense of the pipeline.
  • Automated Bi-directional sync keeps AWS and nOps up to date on leads and opportunities.
  • nOps sales team are working with live data and not playing catch up under pressure now they have near real-time automatic syncing of lead
  • With a comprehensive view of the sales funnel, nOps can accelerate co-selling with AWS—further strengthening the relationship.
  • Automation allows nOps to focus on other important tasks rather than worry about maintenance and integration failures.
  • With the Labra OppSync rule engine, nOps can map the data and visualize it on their Salesforce CRM.
  • Labra OppSync takes care of changes in regulation and policies happening on the AWS side, reducing management overhead.