About PayForward

PayForward provides customers cash back for shopping, both online and in-store, at over 120,000 participating retailers. Customers use their Visa or Mastercard, which they have linked with their PayForward wallet, to pay for purchases and receive upto 15% cash back. To grow this business, PayForward uses email marketing to target, reach and acquire new customers as well as interact with and offer incentives to their current ones.

The Challenge

PayForward was using a third-party email service to connect and engage with their customers. They wanted a solution that could ingest their user list with various attributes, identify and categorize users, deliver emails with targeting accuracy, provide a visualization of user activity, allow users to unsubscribe easily and provide a dashboard showing campaign effectiveness. 

The Ibexlabs Solution

Ibexlabs migrated the email-based customer engagement solution used by PayForward to Amazon Pinpoint – a solution that is tailor-made for marketing communication scenarios, that allows businesses to connect with their current customers and prospects over channels like email, SMS, push, voice or in-app messaging. 

Amazon Pinpoint allows audience segmentation (both static and dynamic) into subsets based on shared characteristics, allowing for tailored messaging from a campaign for greater customer engagement and purchasing. 

Moreover, the inbuilt analytics support provides valuable insights on the effectiveness of outreach campaigns tracking metrics such as email open rates, click rates, attempted, successful, and bounced deliveries.

AWS Services used:

  • AWS S3: To automate the ingestion of customer data
  • AWS Lambda: To segment customer data and personalize the messaging
  • AWS Kinesis: To analyze the user engagement in real-time
  • AWS QuickSight: To visualize the data


The Ibexlabs solution allows PayForward to make prompt and data-driven decisions on the effectiveness of their current campaigns and plan for future ones. As an Amazon Pinpoint Partner, the Ibexlabs solution uses AWS best practices to provide PayForward with a scalable, robust and secure platform to grow their business.