About Profasee

Profasee specializes in a dynamic pricing platform that enables Amazon sellers to predict the perfect price for every product at each precise moment. Amazon shoppers leave behind billions of clues about their behaviors, preferences, and searches. Profasee’s AI analyzes these data points in real-time, combining machine learning, statistical science, and behavioral economics to pinpoint the optimal price. Through this Amazon  sellers can optimize their revenue and improve their profit contribution.

The Challenge

The Profasee team were facing reliability headwinds when their business was growing. They needed to quickly deploy and easily manage their applications without worrying about the underlying infrastructure. If they couldn’t scale, or their reliability worsened, then it could have a direct impact on their real-time pricing service for Amazon sellers.

Profasee wanted to quickly deploy and manage cloud applications without worrying about the underlying infrastructure required to run those applications. The company was looking for an AWS partner to provide the flexibility in provisioning the necessary physical resources and needed all of them to be established using the open-source infrastructure as a code (IaC) software program.

The Ibexlabs Solution

Profasee engaged with Ibexlabs to propose an optimal architecture and provide end-to-end automation of the platform with scope for future customer growth with AWS security best practices in mind.

Well-Architected best practices

Ibexlabs built Profasee’s infrastructure on AWS in line with cloud and security best practices. 

Automation at scale

Resources are provisioned and managed with Hashicorp Terraform, which is a fast and reliable way to manage AWS at scale.


Ibexlabs uses Amazon ECS and AWS Fargate to run containers efficiently at scale without the overhead of managing underlying infrastructure.

DevOps pipeline

AWS Code Pipeline manages code deployments, enabling seamless and parallel deployments without having to wait for additional infrastructure.

Scalable database

Profasee has high I/O transactions and a high volume of data, so both Amazon Aurora MySQL and Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL are provisioned to serve the traffic at scale.

High security

AWS recommended security best practices are enforced through services such as Amazon CloudTrail, Amazon Guard Duty, AWS Config, and AWS Security Hub.


Profasee can grow its Amazon seller pricing service unimpeded by infrastructure or security concerns, avoiding any downstream impact on Amazon sellers that depend on their pricing service. Profasee growth is also improved because their developers can focus on application development while Ibexlabs manages the cloud. 

Operational time and effort is greatly reduced by deploying Profasee’s infrastructure with reusable Terraform modules to deploy multi-stage environments. As an MSP partner, Ibexlabs deploys security stacks to maintain the whole solution in accordance with AWS security best practices, along with managing their billing and monitoring.