About Protium

Protium is a full-stack lender with a pan India presence for loans to MSMEs, consumers, and educational institutions. Protium uses proprietary models to assess the revenues and growth of their customers and equips them with appropriate loan solutions. 

They operate in the following structure:

  • Protium Finance offers secured and unsecured loans to MSMEs, providing them the flexibility and capital needed to scale up and thrive š 
  • Protium Money is a consumer lending platform with a wide network of trusted partners offering effortless credit solutions š 
  • Protium Sakshara offers customized loan products for educational institutions to fund capital or operational expenditures.

The Challenge

As a Fintech organization, maintaining the security of their cloud infrastructure, and applications, and ensuring confidentiality of customer data is paramount for Protium. For this, they had to: 

  • Ensure their AWS cloud infrastructure was well-architected. 
  • Have a predictable and documentable infrastructure using Infrastructure-as-Code. 
  • Optimize costs wherever possible. 

The Ibexlabs Solution

Using the guidelines set by the AWS Well-Architected Frameowrk, Ibexlabs did an assessment of Protium’s infrastructure with a focus on the two pillars of Security and Reliability. 

We used Terraform to build a secure and audit-ready AWS infrastructure that enabled substantial cost savings. 

AWS Services used:

Amazon GuardDuty, AWS SecurityHub, Amazon SNS, Amazon S3, AWS Lambda, Amazon RDS, AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF)


  • Protium is now running a well-architected environment with the anticipated cost savings, logging, and monitoring at all layers. 
  • The security of their applications and cloud environment is ensured with constant threat detection, and firewalls and they are able to stay up-to-date with changing security trends through continuous security assessments.
  • Finally, Infrastructure-as-Code (IAC) was used for a well-architected remediation.