About Spacelift.io

Spacelift.io provides a collaboration and automation layer for infrastructure as a code. They focus on openness, flexibility, and customization aiming for sophisticated and security-conscious power users.

Spacelift works with any IaC setup and is capable of working as a self-hosted agent on your infrastructure, therefore offering maximum security without sacrificing the functionality. Their solution is built on top of well-known and well-loved open source components like Docker and Open Policy Agent, allowing full customization while maintaining sensible defaults.

The Spacelift.io Cloud Commerce Journey – Highlights:

  • Got up and running with AWS Co-Selling in a matter of weeks.
  • Leveraged Labra.io’s quick and easy customer support enabling different types of automation based on inputs for different opportunity types.
  • Empowered leadership team with additional reporting from within Salesforce with metrics like – the number of AOs, registered and launched opportunities.
  • Labra eliminates the need for manual copying and pasting between ACE And CRM systems, thereby streamlining sales operations at scale.
  • Increased velocity – Managing 50 to 100 deals each quarter, with improved collaboration.

Here’s Ryan Cartwright, VP of Strategic Growth at Spacelift sharing how he and his team leverage Labra for more efficient Co-sell management with AWS.