Building a Patient Data Interoperability Solution using AWS HealthLake

About WellBeam

WellBeam Inc. is a healthcare technology platform that is transforming the transition of patient care. The platform offers a care coordination bridge between physician teams and third-party care providers, who continue patient care once patients leave the health system (Post-Acute). 

Every day, care providers interface with physicians' teams to obtain essential care authorizations and manage serious patient conditions.  The platform includes features such as mobile, on-the-go physician authorizations, secure messaging portal care teams across organizations.

The WellBeam platform is also integrated with EMRs on industry standard means for sharing patient treatment data and documents, saving hundreds of hours of manual medical record sharing.

The Challenge

WellBeam realizes FHIR is the future for Healthcare interoperability, and wants to invest early in the future around data exchanges and leverage the analytics approaches built on FHIR.

The Ibexlabs Solution

Ibexlabs provided a solution to address data interoperability. These were the tasks involved.

  • Ibexlabs designed an FHIR translation layer to convert the Wellbeam proprietary format data into FHIR resources.
  • Ibexlabs team, with extensive knowledge of FHIR resources, was able to map columns in each table to multiple FHIR resources and create relationships between those.
  • FHIR resources were pushed into AWS HealthLake for further access and analysis


With the data being pushed to AWS HealthLake, WellBeam was able to achieve the following benefits.

  • Future-proofing of WellBeam Patient Treatment data into FHIR standards helps in interoperability when interacting with external EMR systems. We can further provide insights on Patient Treatment and on other metrics.
  • Data in HealthLake helps WellBeam to comply with various regulatory requirements such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The service provides end-to-end encryption, access controls, and audit trails to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of patient data.
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From the Customer

“Building our FHIR Data Lake with IbexLabs is like picking up a ‘New English’ for ease of healthcare communication - a complete rewrite of the grammar for the 21st Century.
IbexLabs' know-how in this ‘New English’ allows us to set up the foundations to go from Zero to One. We are building on top of this foundation with confidence, using this New English - the grammatically correct way.”

Pascal Odek, CTO, WellBeam

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