The Ibex Catalog consists of a dedicated team of experts with a deep knowledge of AWS Service catalog products, further developing them and delivering well-architected AWS environments through Infrastructure-as-Code. The team builds secure end-to-end environments following best practices to develop AWS Service catalog products that are compliant with HIPAA, HiTRUST, NIST, PCI DSS, and AWS Config rules. Also included are multi-account architectural products that simplify the complexity of maintaining the secured and well-architected multi-account architectures with long-term security log storage.

Ibex Catalog makes it easy to create a well-architected, secure environment from scratch without requiring cloud expertise or extensive knowledge of how the cloud works. For many, making a secure cloud environment compliant with required standards and audit-ready may be difficult and time-consuming. A piecemeal approach can be ineffective. Hiring cloud experts or collaborating with partners only to make a cloud environment secure and audit-ready is typically more expensive. To avoid this, it is best to build an infrastructure that follows compliance rules and is audit-ready from day one.

Ibexlabs, with its Ibex Catalog, provides the means to create an AWS environment with services built with industry-standard best practices. This lets you construct a secure and efficient AWS infrastructure that is compliant and audit-ready with security standards such as HIPAA, SoC2, FedRAMP, or HiTrust. You can stop worrying about infrastructure-related issues and focus on business operations.

The cloud is an ever-evolving platform, and so are the threats trying to exploit its vulnerabilities and disrupt business. It is essential to undergo regular maintenance and updates to protect your cloud environment against security and other threats. This requires a system that is aware of trends and can test, update, and implement changes to the existing environment without breaking it—which can be difficult.

Ibex Catalog makes it simple for you to stay updated. The team uses AWS SecurityHub, AWS announcements, and industry best practices to make our products compliant with changing security trends. Through continuous development and rigorous testing, we provide regular updates which can be applied to your environment quickly to stay secure and updated against any new threats.

Ibex Catalog provides end-to-end solutions such as Application Hosting accelerator and Micro-services Hosting Accelerator, when deployed, create a secure AWS environment that can readily host your application. These solutions also provide the option to validate the resources created against AWS Config rules and let you track the compliance of the resources.

Ibex Catalog products comply with HIPAA, SoC2, FedRAMP, and HiTrust standards. This is done by testing with AWS Audit Manager, which lets you validate against these compliance standards. Achieve an audit-ready environment and pass the necessary screening—hassle free.

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