Developments in the cloud computing industry are rapidly accelerating, never mind hard to predict. At Ibexlabs, our team is always equipped to take advantage of the latest trends to provide excellent software development and cloud architecture. Our team blends “creativity and utility” while delivering unique business solutions to our clients. So, we are thrilled that we received incredibly positive feedback for our work on the review platform, Clutch!

We are grateful that our client, Procedural Learning and Safety Collaborative, took the time to share their experience with Ibexlabs. Procedural Learning and Safety Collaborative admired our robust experience in the field and trusted us to take on a project to provide AWS & data consulting for their surgical improvement research software. Our client wanted to ensure that everyone on their team was comfortable with the best practices and technologies implemented at the company. Ibexlabs was happy to help!

We worked with the Procedural Learning and Safety Collaborative team to make sure all the data was being saved in the right place, in addition to remaining compliant with any laws. Our ongoing project now consists of pushing our client to discover new ways to manage its data most effectively.

According to the review placed by the Director of Operations at Procedural Learning and Safety Collaborative, Ibexlabs has been “absolutely essential” to keeping its business up and running in diagnosing problems, making sure its operations are compliant with HIPAA, and using the latest security practices. Thanks to Ibexlabs, our client is well aware of different types of technologies and the best way to use them to reach their goals as a research organization. 

It’s a pleasure to receive a perfect 5.0 review for our services with Procedural Learning and Safety Collaborative. According to the review, we performed very highly in the evaluation categories of meeting deadlines, cost value, quality of service and deliverables, and willingness to refer. In addition, our communication and responsiveness allowed for a smooth and accommodating project management.  

We are even more flattered to hear about the impact of our ability to take initiative. Ibexlabs humbly shares that the most impressive feature of our services according to the review was our request to take on an additional project with Procedural Learning and Safety Collaborative, which was building a data lake for free, just so we could learn!

As a company, we like to push our skills and knowledge to benefit our clients. We are honored that this dedication is recognized by our clients and featured in online reviews that place us amidst other high performing companies on Clutch. Similarly, The Manifest is another site that presents client testimonials and showcases industry leaders, like Ibexlabs.

If you are a business on the rise and are looking for cloud architecture experts, get in touch with us at Ibexlabs!

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