Amazon Web Services is now among the top go-to cloud solutions for businesses trying to move their operations to the cloud. The addition of AWS Managed Services has made the AWS ecosystem more accessible; businesses that don’t have in-house IT teams can still take advantage of the capabilities of AWS without having to go through a lot of trouble.As more businesses make the switch to AWS, the impact of cloud computing becomes ever more apparent. AWS becomes an inseparable part of business operations. In fact, it does more than become a part of operations. Digital transformation on AWS can improve your operational efficiency and take business processes to a whole new level.

Cloud Infrastructure as a Service

AWS improves operational efficiency in many ways, but the first aspect that many businesses experience when shifting to the cloud is better cost efficiency. AWS as a whole is designed to be cost-efficient, mainly because it eliminates the need for large investments in infrastructure completely. In fact, the Infrastructure as a Service business model – and Software as a Service in general – allow enterprise-grade solutions to be accessed by small and medium businesses.Without a large initial investment, more businesses can move into the cloud. That digital transformation leads to lower running and maintenance costs, which means better cost-efficiency for the entire operation.The lower entry barrier brings us to our second major benefit.

Fewer Innovation Obstacles

Innovation is how businesses stay ahead of the market, and the AWS ecosystem provides faster and more effective opportunities to innovate in different sectors. While different businesses have different sets of challenges that prevent them from innovating, AWS is designed to help users evolve and solve those challenges.This is mainly thanks to the flexible nature of AWS. The ecosystem has a lot of elements designed to perform specific functions. EC2 focuses on computing, IAM handles access management, and S3 is always there when you need more storage for your solutions and data. With this setup, you actually have more freedom to configure your cloud ecosystem the way you need it.You can even make adjustments to the ecosystem – and meet market challenges – quickly. As you complete your digital transformation on AWS, the entire business becomes more agile and generally better at adapting to new market challenges.

Increased Agility

That increase in agility is the next point we are going to cover in this article. AWS provides innumerable unique services, each covering specific functions or needs in various different categories from Computing to Storage to esoteric ones like Satellite and Machine Learning. The real prowess of AWS lies in how well these unique services work together. Such product connectivity makes it easy for small to medium businesses and major enterprises alike to integrate cloud security with data analytics and other solutions.This, in turn, makes the cloud environment more agile. Paired with the high availability of AWS services, you can change internal workflows completely. Rather than having weekly (or even daily) meetings, for instance, team members can stay in the field and still have access to mission-critical data at all times. Everything from decision-making to reporting can be streamlined.The agility boost doesn’t stop there. More cloud computing power and higher data collection capabilities are key components to data-driven operations. Every decision made will be based on real data and insights from more sources. Rather than relying on testing and trials, workflows can be streamlined to better meet market challenges.

A Global Network

There is also the fact that AWS as infrastructure is available globally. If you are catering to international customers or you want to branch out to new markets, utilizing AWS as a way to get closer to users and team members in different regions is certainly the way to go. You will be surprised by how easy it is to set up a CDN or even a network of servers in different regions.At the same time, Amazon is taking extra steps to ensure compliance with local regulations. You can immediately comply with HIPAA without having to manually secure your infrastructure. The same can be said for services like CloudTrail and Amazon RDS. These are the tools you have at your disposal as you try to conquer new markets.The result is immense scalability. Not only will you be able to transform workflows vertically and operate at a higher efficiency level, but you can also find ways to improve horizontally. Reaching new potential customers, expanding the capacity of your business operations, and boosting output while keeping costs in check are the kind of objectives you can achieve with AWS.Operations efficiency can even be pushed further with the help of automation, which is now a big part of cloud computing; yes, AWS has solutions to help you automate many IT-related tasks as well. Automation lets your operation stay lean without sacrificing opportunities. At the end of the day, this is the biggest advantage of digital transformation on AWS.If you’re interested in leveraging the expertise of a certified AWS Partner to help optimize your digital transformation and move onto the cloud, contact us here at Ibexlabs for a customized migration solution. Or read more about migrating to AWS here. Ibexlabs is an experienced DevOps & Managed Services provider and an AWS consulting partner. Our AWS Certified DevOps consultancy team evaluates your infrastructure and make recommendations based on your individual business or personal requirements. Contact us today and set up a free consultation to discuss a custom-built solution tailored just for you.