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Crafted Cloud solutions for Public Sector organizations that perfectly fit their business and risk tolerance

The global pandemic was a wakeup call to governments and the public sector, highlighting the many benefits of cloud technology. Innovations offered by cloud technology deliver cost-efficiency resilience, reliability, and security. As more public sector organizations demonstrate interest in cloud technology, Ibexlabs provides well-crafted, custom solutions that cater to current technology needs and enables public sector organizations to solve problems without compromising the security and privacy of data.

How can Ibexlabs Help the Public Sector Organizations?

Public sector organizations have limited budgets, and adopting cloud technology can seem formidable. Fortunately, government organizations can tap a wide array of skills and experience with Ibexlabs that are cost-efficient and easily support a fundamental migration strategy. We rearchitect existing applications that public sector organizations use and deploy them to the cloud in a phased manner. With help from Ibexlabs, public sector organizations overcome the following challenges in support of their mission:

  • Mitigate risks related to data access and security
  • Apply open standards and interoperability
  • Ensure data privacy
  • Ensure business continuity with high uptime
  • Develop efficient public sector information management processes

There are several critical steps for best practice cloud adoption outlined below. Ibexlabs works closely with our public sector clients—with careful consideration of their business needs—to plan and execute their cloud transformation.

Step 1: Identify the scope of cloud technology in the public sector organization to make the transformation purposeful and goal oriented.

Step 2: Ensure the cloud adoption complements the existing systems and processes without disrupting them.

Step 3: Develop a risk evaluation framework to understand and decide when and how the cloud should be adopted.

Step 4: Develop a roadmap for cloud adoption after a complete evaluation of the needs.

Step 5: Identify those assets that don’t need to move to the public cloud.

Step 6: Deploy a team to monitor cloud computing services and uphold necessary standards.

Step 7: Examine technical challenges and address them before moving to the cloud.

Step 8: Ensure every endpoint in the infrastructure is compatible with the adopted cloud technology.

Ibexlabs uses the AWS services and other advanced technologies to ensure encryption, authentication, and maintenance of data integrity. Public sector organizations can rely on Ibexlabs to guide them with a well-thought-out strategy equipped with essential industry compliances.

Why Ibexlabs

Security and Compliance

Compliance with industry regulations such as SOC2, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and other security measures are baked into our solutions.

Managed Security Services

Ibexlabs security advisors address your security needs by monitoring and managing security events with tailored services, infrastructure, and response management.

Well-Architected Framework Review

Ibexlabs helps public sector organizations build a fit-for-purpose cloud infrastructure. After a thorough assessment of the existing applications and architectural needs, we define a cloud strategy with a balance between specific organizational goals and the budget.

How you Benefit


Organizations with heavy digital footprints can rest easy as Ibexlabs maintains a robust security posture with advanced technology and security incident response management.


Scale your cloud infrastructure for existing or anticipated demands. Resources are allocated to meet the business goals without additional overhead.

Cost Savings

We clearly define which workload, application, or process can be moved to the cloud and provide you with financial transparency that allows you to trace savings throughout the transformation.

End-to-End Consultation

We take the time to gain an in-depth understanding of your business requirements; it’s how we can measure your success and ours. Based on the overall existing technology portfolio, we deploy cloud solutions with the appropriate architectural and security constraints.



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