Princeton, New Jersey, 10 January 2022

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Ibexlabs has taken a significant step towards enhancing its customers’ cloud deployments by integrating AWS Control Tower into its solutions. With this, Ibexlabs joins a select group of companies to have achieved the status of an AWS Built on Control Tower Partner. AWS Control Tower automates the provisioning and governance of a multi-account, multi-team cloud deployment that adheres to an enterprise’s policies, regulatory requirements, and security best practices.
Ibexlabs, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with over 100 AWS Certifications in five Competency Areas, constantly works towards improving its customers’ cloud deployment solutions and customer experience by incorporating the latest AWS technologies. By integrating AWS Control Tower into its offerings, Ibexlabs customers can more rapidly and easily provision and govern their multi-account AWS environment.

AWS Control Tower allows an enterprise to define the departments, accounts, and assets in a cloud deployment that should be subject to corporate policies and security best practices. With Control Tower, compliance policies, written in plain language, allow the enterprise to define mandatory, recommended, or optional rules. These are then used to prevent non-conformant deployments or detect drift after deployment. Under the hood, Control Tower orchestrates a number of AWS services, including AWS Organizations, AWS Service Catalog, and AWS Single Sign-on, to provision and configure an enterprise’s cloud environment. A dashboard provides visibility into the accounts provisioned, with the fine-grained status of compliance to the applied policies.

“Using AWS Control Tower, our new and existing customers will be able to easily set and enforce corporate policies for their AWS accounts and check compliance to these at any time”, said Narendar Nallamala, Managing Partner, Ibexlabs. “AWS Control Tower is going to expedite your cloud journey while ensuring that you can take advantage of security and compliance best practices we’ve learnt from our cloud deployment experience,” he added.

As both a Built on Control Tower (BoCT) and AWS Well-Architected Management & Governance Framework Partner, Ibexlabs uses the AWS Management and Governance Lens built on AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (AWS CAF) to provide guidance on adopting the cloud easily and efficiently. There are eight functions that are critical for any successful cloud deployment: controls and guardrails, network connectivity, identity management, security management, monitoring and observability, cloud financial management, service management, and sourcing and distribution. Regardless of the stage of cloud adoption, Ibexlabs can help enterprises create a well-architected AWS environment that quickly adds value to their business.

About Ibexlabs

Ibexlabs has earned a reputation for delivering agile and scalable cloud infrastructure and consulting services to its customers. With an extensive focus on security and compliance, Ibexlabs delivers well-designed solutions to its customers, who span the range from startups to enterprises. Recently, Ibexlabs was recognized by AWS during their keynote at re:Invent 2021. Further information on Ibexlabs is available at or by contacting us at