AWS Service Expertise for SaaS

Ibexlabs mixes their skills and expertise with AWS best practice frameworks such as Foundational Technical Review and Well-Architected Framework - SaaS Lens. 

Examples of SaaS-related AWS services that Ibexlabs can bring to your SaaS include:

  • AWS IAM - Identity and Access Management: Restrict access to resources isolating the tenant data.
  • AWS Autoscaling Groups and Elastic Load Balancing: Ensure your SaaS resources can expand and contract to match demand.
  • Amazon CloudWatch: Constantly monitor and optimize our architecture for cost and performance.
  • AWS Config: Monitor SaaS resources and applications.
  • AWS X-Ray and AWS QuickSight: Establish alerts and application monitoring
  • AWS WAF and AWS Shield: Monitor and filter traffic to mitigate DDoS attacks.
  • AWS KMS: Application and customer data are encrypted at every layer.
  • AWS CodeCommit and AWS Code Pipeline: CI/CD for source code management, features and bug fixes.