One of the things that we often discuss here at Ibexlabs is how migrating to the cloud—to the AWS ecosystem specifically—is a great way to accelerate innovation. A cloud environment is a perfect fit for businesses looking for ways to become more agile in responding to market challenges. The flexibility at the heart of AWS amplifies this particular benefit even further.Unfortunately, there is one more hurdle to overcome, and that is adapting AWS itself. Not all businesses have capable IT teams ready to migrate business processes and the solutions that support them to the cloud. This one final hurdle is being solved by the AWS Partner Network partners and the AWS Managed Services they now offer.

AWS Managed Services 4.0

AWS Managed Service Providers or MSPs offer so much more than helping with migrating your business solutions to the cloud. There are added benefits to enjoy from working with AWS MSPs, including the elimination of entry barriers to the world of cloud computing. Even when you don’t have an in-house, on-premise team maintaining your systems, it is still possible to use the full might of AWS and its services as managed services.The approach makes transforming into a cloud-based, data-driven business less challenging, even for lean and small businesses. SMEs can have access to the same cloud services as larger enterprises, all while remaining efficient cost- and operational-wise. This is a huge advantage to be gained, especially when you take the fact that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can leverage cloud computing to compete with the big boys into account.

A Simpler Approach

Innovation is further driven by the fact that AWS managed services are available to complete eliminate the complex side of cloud computing. No need to configure your own cloud environment. No need to worry about the safety of your data in the cloud. Simply work with the AWS next-generation MSP partner that suits you best, and you are all set.The simplicity of managed services means you can focus on other, more important aspects of your operations, including innovating and delivering better solutions (products and services) to customers. At the same time, features like more capable EC2 instances, persistent storage, database frameworks, and services like Elastic Block Store and Elastic Compute Cloud further powers innovation.

Secure and Protected

Security is a big part of migrating to the cloud, and managed services let you innovate in a completely secure environment. It is up to MSPs to take care of the safety of your apps and data. Even better, MSPs are required to update themselves and keep up with new security challenges, so you don’t have to. With the digital landscape becoming a target for more cyber attacks, this is an advantage you don’t want to miss.AWS MSPs are also trained to follow the AWS security best practices at every turn. The right partner can do more than add security measures to your cloud environment. Your managed service provider can also help you keep the entire cloud environment secure from your end, including by recommending how access and identities need to be managed.

High Return on Investment

The right investments in technology and better business processes are also driving more (and faster) innovation. In this respect, cloud computing is your best friend. Not only will you be able to acquire the computing resources and supporting services that you need without making big investments in hardware and building your own infrastructure, but you can also keep the entire deployment cost-efficient at all times.Investing in cloud computing becomes easy when you start to factor in the low operational cost of AWS managed services. You still benefit from pay-as-you-go IaaS business model that Amazon uses across its service lineup, but you get more for your money. The high return on investment (ROI) of managed services is now the main reason why more and more SMEs are taking leaps and moving to the cloud.

Optimization Options

Last but certainly not least, there is the fact that moving to the cloud leads to plenty of opportunities to optimize workflows and processes. As workflows get optimized and a higher efficiency level is reached, you have more resources to allocate towards innovating and improving as a business. In some cases, you don’t even have to invest in solutions and tools to be able to optimize workflows within the company.Next-Gen AWS MSP Partners know the AWS infrastructure and environment inside out. For example, an MSP partner can help refactor your existing business solutions to better take advantage of cloud computing and its modular nature. Technology partners like Logicworks and Silver Lining are working hand in hand with businesses of different scales to maximize digital transformation in the cloud, all for the purpose of driving innovation.It is not difficult to see how beneficial moving to the cloud can be, especially with AWS MSP Partners assisting your organization every step of the way. All you need to do now is make that decision to enjoy all the benefits outlined in this article. If you’re somehow still not convinced, read our article on The Role of Managed Service Providers in Software Development.Ibexlabs is an experienced DevOps & Managed Services provider and an AWS consulting partner. Our AWS Certified DevOps consultancy team evaluates your infrastructure and make recommendations based on your individual business or personal requirements. Contact us today and set up a free consultation to discuss a custom-built solution tailored just for you.