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Improve protection, access management, and visibility around your business' greatest asset: data

In a fast-changing, data-heavy ecosystem, having visibility of where your data is, who is in control of it, and what measures are in place to protect is absolutely essential. AWS Config is a fully managed service from Amazon designed to assess, evaluate, and audit your Amazon Web Services (AWS) resources. Discover how our team can fully implement all the features from AWS Config so your company can focus on accelerating its growth.


AWS Config: Designed with security and compliance in mind

Keeping up with international compliance and regulatory bodies can be very time consuming if not handled correctly, and hefty fines are often a result of poor data security.

However, AWS Config was designed with security and compliance in mind. The service will autonomously register and monitor your configurations in your AWS resources.

Our engineers further extend AWS Config to initiate complex security analysis and audits, compliance audits, troubleshoot, manage changes, and dive into specific resource experiences.


As your company’s data needs scale with its growth, so too does the need to ensure your data inventory is kept safe and within your control.

Maintaining this in a constantly changing and growing environment can be hard to keep track of alongside running your revenue-generating day to day business operations.

Allow our team to fully optimize AWS Config on your behalf to create a transparent system that will continuously ensure your database resources are secure, efficient and compliant.


A World of Benefits with AWS Config

Ibexlabs has years of experience in the AWS ecosystem, which allows our team to optimize the bevy of features that come with AWS Config. These include:

  • Continuous Monitoring

    AWS Config tracks and registers all changes to your configurations constantly and autonomously. Our team will create an inventory and notify you of any and all changes for monitoring and approval with Amazon’s Simple Notification Service (SNS).

    This service also extends to compliance in your resources. Ibexlabs’ engineers will quickly and accurately monitor your organization’s compliance standards and pin-point non-compliant accounts across multiple accounts and regions.

    Doing so maintains a high standard of data quality and offsets the resource-heavy activities that come with pre-prepping data before it is moved, giving your business unprecedented flexibility on data preparation.

  • Continuous Assessment

    Ibexlabs uses AWS Config to continuously assess your resources. Our team will ensure all your resources align with pre-configured rules and policies, both internally and externally, via established regulatory standards, and creating a system of continued compliance.

    AWS Config allows our team to designate rules for provisioning and configuring your resources. Our team guarantees that you can focus on the expansion of your business while we focus on your data needs.

    Amazon SNS alerts will also highlight our team to any deviations from your designated configurations straight away too.

  • Continuous Management

    Ibexlabs and its team of engineers will closely monitor the connections between your AWS resources and dependencies associated with them before any changes are made.

    After a change, our engineers will further monitor your resources and create backups of your configuration history to assist in troubleshooting if problems arise.

    AWS Config automatically informs you of the effects associated with changes to mitigate costly downtime and risks associated with them before they are applied. This allows our team to ensure crucial continuation as changes are made and services are deployed.

  • Effective Troubleshooting

    Our experts will integrate AWS CloudTrail with AWS Config to record your entire configuration history associated with your API.

    Enabling this integration means you can capture and view a comprehensive history of your AWS resource configuration changes to simplify troubleshooting.

    This feature is great for creating a clear, precise window into your configurations and allows our team to quickly diagnose and resolve any operational problems if they arise.


How Ibexlabs And AWS Config Can Help You

AWS Config is an essential tool when it comes to managing, assessing and auditing your resources. Ibexlabs is deeply familiar with the inner workings of AWS Config and our engineers will utilize it to fully implement the following benefits and best use cases:

  • Resource Discovery

    Resource Discovery is key to understanding your network environment and provides a window into where and how your data is stored to create maximum security. Our team will find any resources that continue in your account, record their in-progress configuration, and occupy any modifications in said configurations. Even deleted resource data will be kept.

  • Continuous Compliance Assessment

    Ibexlabs will consistently maintain and assess your resources so that they are compliant with your own internal regulatory standards and policies. Through the service, it is also possible to extend it to compliance with outside regulatory bodies too.

  • Security Analysis

    Data security is an increasing priority in today’s online ecosystem, with data breaches affecting companies large and small, organizations, and even cities. Our experienced engineers will always have your security in mind. AWS Config allows Ibexlabs to continuously check your configurations for possible security risks, and upon reviewing any changes, keep you reliably updated on the status of your security.

Our team will also extend this to ensure your security levels are compliant with global laws such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation and the United States’ Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

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