PayForward provides cashback to customers for online and in-store shopping. Ibexlabs helped PayForward migrate their Customer Engagement solution to Amazon PinPoint. 


PayForward used email marketing to engage, interact and incentivize customers. To enhance customer outreach and analyze the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns, Ibexlabs identified Amazon PinPoint as the best-fit solution.

The Challenge

PayForward sought an alternative to their existing third-party email service to connect and engage with their customers. PayForward wanted a solution that could ingest their user list with various attributes, identify and categorize users, deliver emails with targeting accuracy, provide a visualization of user activity, allow users to unsubscribe easily and provide a dashboard showing campaign effectiveness.

Keen to Learn More?

Ibexlabs used multiple AWS solutions to meet the needs of PayForward:

Amazon PinPoint:

  • A tailor-made solution for marketing communication scenarios, enabling multi-channel engagement with prospective and current customers
  • Allows targeted messaging from a campaign based on audience segmentation based on shared characteristics
  • Detailed analytics to make data-driven business decisions and measure campaign effectiveness

Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3):

  • To automate the ingestion of customer data

AWS Lambda:

  • To personalize the messaging for each segment

AWS Kinesis:

  • To analyze the user engagement in real-time

AWS QuickSight:

  • To create a dashboard for data visualization

"We contracted the Ibex team to migrate our marketing data and email delivery platform from our existing vendor to AWS Pinpoint. The Ibex team were very professional and technically adept throughout the various project phases. They partnered with us in solving issues quickly and maintained clear communication throughout their engagement. Even though their entire team was based offshore, the 12 plus hour time difference was hardly felt by our team. Kudos to their project management and technical team who were always eager to help and kept us honest. I'd highly recommend the Ibex team for any AWS related platform initiatives.

Vijay Mandalam

Chief Technology Officer

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