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AWS Services

Experience the Ibexlabs Innovations with the Advanced AWS Services

Ibexlabs uses an array of AWS services to create solutions and solve problems for its customers. AWS services come with advanced features that simplify the deployment of cloud infrastructure to run applications — and you don’t need to install any hardware to do it. Amazon services address different business challenges and make cloud technology useful for every scale of business. With Ibexlabs solutions built on AWS services, you can easily meet your application demands from anywhere in the world.

AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner - Ibexlabs

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)

Virtual Servers with scalable compute capacity

Run your applications without actual hardware. Ibexlabs uses Amazon EC2 to help you use virtual servers. You can run applications quickly and inexpensively. You can also choose the instance type and by configuring the AWS Management Console, you can run your instances within minutes. Ibexlabs leverages some other benefits of Amazon EC2:

  • Full administrative control of your virtual servers
  • You only pay for what you use
  • Stop your instances anytime when you don’t need them
  • Optimization options for compute, memory, and storage
  • Run your workloads with the right combination of price and performance
  • Auto-scaling to meet your application demands

AWS System Manager

Control Your Infrastructure on AWS with Ease

Ibexlabs uses AWS System Manager to enable customers to automate their operational tasks and control their infrastructure on AWS efficiently. AWS system manager makes a secure and scalable solution where you can group, view, and act on your resources and operate safely across the entire infrastructure. Associate a configuration with your resources and view the instances information. Ibexlabs also uses AWS System Manager for:

  • Categorization of the resources in business units, environments, or any other relevant category
  • Distribution of software versions safely across the instances
  • Automation of workflows in the APIs
  • Secured application configuration parameters in a centralized service
  • Maintenance of security and compliance

AWS Cloud Formation

A Powerful Way to Infrastructure Management

AWS CloudFormation simplifies infrastructure management with the help of manageable stacks of AWS resources based on templates. Ibexlabs uses CloudForamtion for provisioning AWS services and replicating the production stack multiple times for development and testing purposes. CloudFormation enables a controlled and predictable way to manage infrastructure and application stack. It also has some other benefits:

  • Version controlling and keeping track of changes made in the infrastructure
  • Configuration of AWS resources stack with different parameters
  • Error-free replication of production stack
  • Create and manage AWS resource stacks in easy steps
  • You only pay for AWS resources that CloudFormation creates

AWS Config

Configure Your Resources with Security and Compliance

Ibexlabs uses AWS Config to assess, audit, and evaluate configurations for all the AWS resources. It’s a one-stop solution that checks if your configurations are secure, efficient, and compliant with best practices. As per your business needs, you can define policies and guidelines for your AWS environment and receive notifications for any resource that is deviating from the rules. AWS Config also does auto-remediation at the detection of non-compliant resources and ensures a secure and compliant status as soon as possible. Ibexlabs also uses some of its other powerful features:

  • Continuously track changes across AWS resources
  • Analyze the efficiency and performance of your infrastructure
  • Dashboard to view compliance status and inventory at a glance
  • Integrate AWS Config with other AWS services
  • Check activity logs and other specific events within your account
  • Keep your configuration secure and up-to-date

AWS Service Catalog

A Self-Services Portal to Deploy Approved IT Services

The AWS Service Catalog provides a portfolio of AWS products that users can organize, and govern with various permission levels. Ibexlabs uses the AWS Catalog to manage different IT services such as virtual machines, servers, software, and databases with the needed compliance requirements.

  • Manage the catalog of IT services centrally from a single location
  • Configure the permission levels to access the IT services
  • Add new versions of IT services keep track of the latest updates
  • Deploy IT services using a self-service portal

AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Keep Your Applications and APIs Available and Protected

Ibexlabs uses AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF) to maintain a steady security posture. AWS WAF addresses security risks that can cause downtime or consumption of excess resources. With a strong protection mechanism against common web exploits and bots, AWS WAF ensures high availability and uncompromisable protection against online threats. Other benefits include:

  • You can deploy AWS WAF with a few clicks on Amazon Cloudfront to protect your applications in the cloud or on-premise
  • Use pre-configured rules to protect from Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) top 10 security risks
  • Customize your rules and filter out specific traffic pattern
  • Near real-time traffic visibility for automation, analytics, and auditing purposes

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