Security and Compliance

Security and Peace of Mind

Every other aspect of cloud infrastructure depends on the security of the entire system. As an Advanced AWS Partner, Ibexlabs has the expertise to design, deploy and maintain secure systems able to withstand the threats facing your system.


AWS Security Competency: The Best Line of Defense Against Cyber Threats

Protecting your assets and tools from online threats requires an expert eye and constant vigilance. By leveraging security systems across your entire cloud infrastructure, along with a centralized security apparatus, allows for a broad understanding of threats and the leeway to respond quickly.

Security cannot, however, come at the expense of user experience. Ibexlabs will work with your data-structuring needs to create flexible security solutions that will keep everything running fast at scale.



Keep your Data Within Reach

As leaders in their field, Ibexlabs knows how to balance security concerns with logistic ones. Ultimately, we want to create a system that allows you to manage your data easily without compromising on security.

  • Work At Scale

    By centralizing AWS resources, deploy necessary security services across several regions (IDS, firewalls, proxies, etc.)

  • Protect Important Data

    Optimize infrastructural resiliency against cyberthreats, such as DDoS/DoS and malware attacks.

  • Your Company, Your Playbook

    Create a customized security framework built around the threats you face. From Firewall and Networking Infrastructure to File Integrity Monitoring (FIM), Intrusion Detections and Prevention (IDS/IPS) and more.



How Ibexlabs And AWS Security Competency Can Help You

When managing your data infrastructure, the last things you want to worry about are security concerns. Ibexlabs ensures strict security protocols, all while providing the flexibility and scalability you need to run your business.

  • Customized Set-Up

    By assessing your network infrastructure and cloud integration needs, we will create a personalized system for you to manage your AWS security tools.

  • Development

    Using automated deployments of standardized VPCs, we will build a cloud infrastructure that meets specific security guidelines, such as PCI or NIST.

  • You’re in the Driver’s Seat

    We want to make sure that you have what you need to run your business successfully. By training you on all of the nuances of your system, you will be ready and prepared to conquer the cyber threats facing your business.

Case Study: Spire Health

Ibexlabs worked with Spire to architect a data infrastructure based around their needs and their way of doing business. To this end, Ibexlabs built a system that was both powerful and secure enough to handle the sensitive data of patients and doctors. Download Case Study

Our team will also extend this to ensure your security levels are compliant with global laws such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation and the United States’ Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

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